and then there were three...


Once upon a time, okay, more like start of last month, I didn't own any perfumes. Now I have three. People, this is what it's like to fall into the rabbit hole. But it's a pretty rabbit hole. 

This all started with Katy 'gently' persuading me to get the infamous Chloe Eau De Perfum (£62/50ml). I'm by no means a sophisticated person, but every time I wear this light pink fragrance, I always feel like I'm Audrey Hepburn with pearls and a long evening gown. 

While I fell hard for Chloe, I needed a more everyday scent. Something lighter and with a bit of spunk. Jo Malone had always been on my radar, mostly because of the gorgeous packaging and the hype that it has in the blogsphere. But I always hesitated to purchase as some people said that it faded quickly on them. That said, I caved and bought Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint (£39/30ml) a couple days before Italy. Initially, I went in wanting to get Earl Grey and Cucumber but literally, immediately after paying for it, I realized I didn't like the base scent at all. I kept apologizing as the sales lady unwrapped the box and swapped the perfume for this one. Painting an image again, as I'm horrible at describing actual scents - it's like a summer barbecue with mint ice tea and a cool breeze. It's a laid back scent, while having a tinge of sass. 
I thought I could stop with two. And I was going to stop with two. But then there was a flight delay of four hours. And logically, one goes duty free shopping some point in that time frame. Now, I really really wasn't planning on buying anything. Mostly because I didn't have any euros left. But after bringing back several sniff cards and my flatmate sniffing the one with Versache Versense Eau De Toilette (£34.50/30ml) like he was sniffing drugs, I was persuaded to go and try this out. And then I came back to the waiting area, all four people were sniffing my wrist and then they gently persuaded me to get it. Now, you'll realize that I'm someone that's relatively easy to persuade when I already have half a mind to do so. Hence, I walked away from the airport with a brand new perfume. Another summer scent that reminds me of clean cut grass, it's a lot fresher and less sweeter than the Jo Malone offering. 

My skin holds scents very well. I can put on body butter the previous evening and still smell faintly of grapefruit the next morning. Same goes for perfume. The shortest wearing one is the Jo Malone offering - but I can still wear that up to 12 hours. Versache and Chloe have been tested up to 24 hours - even after a shower. Granted, it's not as strong as when first applied, but I can hold a stuffed animal 20 hours after application, and the scent will still transfer. I definitely get a bang out of my buck when it comes to fragrances.  
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