June Favourites 2014


Oh June, you're always a complicated month - stressing me out with exams and then giving me the time of my life on vacation. That said, between the two, beauty bits and bobs were kept quite simple throughout the past four weeks. 

I've talked about The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer (£7.50) non-stop the past month and rightly so. While I don't find this amazing in the pore minimizing ballpark, but the tea tree benefits have definitely helped my skin loads, especially at creating a healing barrier on my 'stress-breakout' days. 

Concealer has always been a good friend, but now even more so as I've tanned quite some bit in Italy and none, literally none, of my bases match anymore. That said, the Make Up For Ever Waterproof Full Cover Concealer ($32) while still not matching, at least can be blended out to fake it. Plus, this was just about my best friend in Italy as while I couldn't be bothered with putting on makeup the days we went exploring, I still wanted to cover up the dark circles and a scratch scar on my nose. Plus, they're not joking when they say this is waterproof. A day at the beach can prove that. 

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (£13) has been getting a lot of love lately, mostly used to try and tan up my too-light foundation colour. I'm not going to toot its horn too much, but I'll say this - if you're looking for the perfect bronzer, this is it. 

Like I said, my makeup has been simple. One thing that I've gotten out of this simple routine is I think I've more or less mastered how to cat flick. A lot of concentration and nose-to-mirror, the key product is the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (£6.99). The long but firm felt tip makes the flick so much easier to match up. But that said, this is still something that I can't rush through, unless I want to spend half an hour trying to fix it just to take it off and redo it all over again. 

That almost disappearing, slightly sci-fi transparent bottle in the middle of the photo is my beloved Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint (£39 for 30ml). It's fresh, light, with a tinge of sass - that's my kinda scent. Plus, the packaging is just so pretty to look at! 

Last but not least, I've finally had time to settle down and read. My flatmate gifted me Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None ages back, but always being swamped with schoolwork, I never found the time to settle down. But since exams ended a couple weeks ago, I've read and re-read this book three times. It's such a clever book and the ending is more than unexpected. If you haven't read it yet and you like mystery-murder, then go pick up this light read. 

I can't believe we're already in July. I'm soon headed back to the other side of the world for six weeks. But for the meantime, I'm definitely going to be enjoying my time in London. Hello, sun! 

What have you been loving the past month? 
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