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You guys asked, and I deliver. It was really fun to go through these questions, there are some really good questions in here as it does give me a chance to clarify things (like where exactly am I from...this was a popular one). Anywho, I hope you guys get to know me a bit more through this and I'm not just a page on your computer screen.

General Background Check

Where exactly are you from? (Why were you born in Minnesota and why did you move back to Taiwan?)
People tend be thrown off by this a lot, especially if they hear it in chunks. So here's the deal, I was born in Taiwan, but I grew up in Minnesota, USA as my dad was completing his graduate studies there. We eventually had to move back because a) my dad finished his studies, b) our visa expired, and c) my parents wanted me to experience life in Taiwan. 

How did you end up studying in the UK and what are you studying?
I always knew I wanted to study abroad but the UK never crossed my mind until last year when I was desperately struggling to figure out what to do after my standard four years of university. I also always knew I'd continue to get a masters degree, but no idea what I wanted to do it on. Those two reasons combined, I took an extended year and spent it here in the UK, doing a programme that has concreted my interest in Criminology and Social Policy - which is what I'm studying now and will be next year for my masters programme. But back in Taiwan, I was studying law. 

What is your first language and do you speak any other languages?
It's quite hard to say what my first language was. Obviously I learned Mandarin first, but it was English that I was fluent with when I started to carry on a conversation that was composed of a lot of 'no's. Besides those two languages, hablo un poco de Español and fluent in sarcasm. 

Any siblings? 
Yup, I have a younger brother and a younger sister. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I don't know, to be honest. The world is a grand place. 

Three things on your bucket list? 
I don't have a specific bucket list per se. It's more of a 'oh, I really want to do that before I die', which I guess is a bucket list? idk, man. But three things on that list: scuba diving in the Maldives again, learning how to snowboard/ski in Switzerland, and go see polar bears in the north pole. 

Beauty & Blog Stuffs
How did you start getting into beauty? 
I got into makeup and beauty in general quite late. It wasn't until my mom brought me to the benefit counter a couple summers back and bought me my first foundation and primer did I start spending all my money on beauty bits and bobs. 

Why did you start this blog?  
Honestly? This blog was started out of boredom. I guess that was why I didn't take it seriously the first year I had it. But then I started meeting lovely people that genuinely wanted to read the blog, and the network of friends pushed me to start taking SoaD more seriously.  

What's your favourite makeup brand? 
I don't tend to be brand loyal, but if I had to choose one brand to live on - I guess either Tarte or Laura Mercier. I don't know?????

Favourite books/author? 
Harry Potter series, Child 44, Anne of Green Gables, the Stone Rose, Sycamore Row, Little Women, Les Miserables...just to name a few. 

TV shows? 
I watch quite a lot of shows, but the ones that I keep going back to are Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. 

Favourite music/songs of all time? 
It's hard to say, I switch things up quite a bit, but some songs that I'll always jam out to are: Sk8er Boi, Piano Man, Just Give Me a Reason, Africa...etc.

Friendship and Relationship things
How did you become friends with Jaye, Vanessa, and Jenn
Blogging and twitter. I got to know Vanessa first as she was one of my earliest followers. I somehow discovered Jenn's blog and she would always leave lovely comments. Through Vanessa, I met Jaye on twitter and the four of us would often have long crazy twitter chats. 

Do you and Jaye go to the same school? 
No. We're not in the same year nor study the same thing. We just both go to school in London. 

How did you meet your boyfriend and how long have you been dating? 
Um...I am confused by this question???? Last I checked, I'm still single???? Who did you think was my boyfriend??? No seriously, please tell me? 

Do you go on double dates with Jaye and her boyfriend?   
No, but Jaye's boy does sometimes tag along when Jaye and I hang out. RUDE. (I jest, I jest, Jaye's boy is a great guy) 

Thanks to everyone that asked a question, I tried to get them all, but if I missed any, just let me know and I'll get around to answering it! 
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