the green obsession grows...


I have commitment issues so the weight the word 'favourite' carries is mahoosive. Hence, I always had a hard time answering the standard 'what's your favourite colour' question. I like purple, I like blue, I like yellow, but which one do I love most to call my favourite? Green was one of those colours that I never thought would be worthy enough to crown that title, but I've slowly come to realize that I have an obsession with this nature representative colour. 

After starting a love affair with my green Accessorize Georgia Winged Handheld Bag (here), the obsession grows with my new Michael Kors Multi-Functional Phone Case. I've been lusting after this gorgeous shade of green since I first saw it around a year ago, but could never justify the price tag. 

Sales are deadly, but it was my friend who suggested we go the Michael Kors shop around Covent Garden was the dagger put into my hand. I hmm-ed and ahh-ed a good 10 minutes before wrenching myself away from the  display - I was indeed looking for a smaller wallet, I was indeed in love with this shade of green  - but I didn't need it. I kept thinking about this little babe for a week straight so it wasn't surprising that I was back in store, toying with the idea of converting this lil' babe to be mine. 

At 50% off, this was more than a bargain. I'm not a sucker for brands, so I needed to make sure I was asking the right questions and spending my money right. Was this a bargain because it was Michael Kors, or was it a bargain for a wallet of this quality? There wasn't a coin section in this, would it be okay? Could I find an equivalent of the wallet at a lower price point? In the end, after long discussion with my friend, I was happily handing over my stressed out debit card. 

This isn't going to replace my usual wallet on a day to day basis, but it'll be a convenient little clutch that I can use to bring about the essentials. All in all, my bank account might be crying, but I'm a happy little one with another bright green item in my possession. 
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