when all bases are too light...


I don't tan that easily. Nor do I fake tan. So on the rare occasions I do ended up more brown than usual, it's an understatement to say that I have no idea what to do with my makeup. The same goes for bases - I may have near a dozen foundations open, but none are dark enough for the tan I worked for while in Italy. 

While I can try and blend out my concealer or just go out sans makeup, there are days when I want to even out my base but don't want to buy a new foundation that'll match me for three weeks max. While it's my darkest base, the Bourjois CC Cream (£9.99) is still a couple shades too light. A light bulb lit up one morning when I was dreading at the idea of amping up the bronzer. I dug out the forgotten Bourjois Bronzing Primer (£9.99), scooped a bit onto the back of my hand and mixed it with the CC Cream. And it was good. (uh sorry, misquoting the bible there. Kinda.) 

It's quite a simple solution, really, and it's slightly silly how it's never crossed my mind to mix a bronzing cream with a lighter base to darken it up. The best thing about this, other than saving your bank account from another foundation hit, is that it's suitable from your darkest stage to that awkward transition period. 

So until the day my tan fades away and I'm weeping for it to come back, a bit of artistic shade blending will be in works every morning. What do you do when all your shades are too light? 
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