printing memories


I'm a person that appreciates the electronic era - especially as I tend to get a bit too shutter happy and end up with 50 photos of the same scene. Which, if done with a traditional film camera, would be a economical and environmental waste. But that said, while I have memory cards worth of digital photos, there are still memories that I like to print out and keep around - whether to decorate the bare walls of a new dorm, or to just keep in my journal to look at every now and then. 

One of the things that I regretted not bringing to England was my Fuji Instax Wide Camera as there was an abundant amount of polaroid moments throughout the past year. The regret hit harder and deeper when I was getting shutter happy and smiling at the results on the preview scene during the vacation in Sardinia late June (read about it here). But where there's a will, there's a way - if I can't have the real thing, I'm making sure I'm getting a good faux polaroid. 

I stumbled upon Polabora after scouring through various (overpriced) offerings. A company based in Belgium, Polabora offers printing services in the traditional square polaroids, or the bookmark-like strip offerings. At €9.99 for 20 traditional prints, I added a second order of Retro Strips for €6.49, which meant I got 38 photos printed for less than €17, uh bargain??? I was expecting the strips to come in 7 days, but a bright green envelope was in my mailbox three days later. Talk about efficiency. The best part other than the efficiency and budget friendly price? They run discounts quite often. The only iffy part I have with the process is that you aren't able to rearrange the position of the strip polaroids after uploading them. It took me near three hours to arrange 18 photos, which was a slight pain. 

I'm currently carrying around my prints in my agenda while in Taiwan so I can relive the memories from Italy when I'm trying not to sweat out all my body water in the 35 degree weather - but once I get back to London, these are gracing the walls of my new dorm as I try and tackle a new school year. 
Have you ever tried an online photo printing service? Let me know so I can look into them please! 

With Love, 
Daphne x