rolling in the deep (of my bag)


Here's the thing, despite being someone that blogs about a ridiculous amount of makeup, I'm not a person to actually have the stuff on me. That said, I was looking for my bus pass the other day and with a sudden stop, half of my bag's contents were spilling all over the floor. It was a good thing that the bus was relatively empty and my ninja foot skills stopped the objects rolling to the bus driver in front. It wasn't until then did I realize that the amount of lip products that I was lugging around in my bag was ridiculous. 

Now, that situation would be a direct contradictory statement to my first sentence. But I feel the need to explain. Well, not really, I've just a) been a really lazy person the time I've been in Taiwan and b) haven't changed bags which leads to c) I never take anything out of my bag which means d) carrying around a week's worth of lip products. 

Being a nosy (and perhaps, also assuming) person, I thought I'd share which products were part of my 'let's show the whole bus the ridiculous amount of lip products you carry around' adventure. 

NARS Dragon Girl (wearing it here): Who in the world carries around a red lipstick when they're not even wearing red that day? But nonetheless, the Dragon was still fiercely guarding its space in my bag. 

Bobbi Brown Jenna (wearing it here): A daring decision that lead to pedestrians looking at me in admiration (or looking at me like I was crazy) when I was sporting a bold tomato-slash-orange lip walking in the quiet alleys of Taipei. 

Revlon JBKBS in Rendezvous (swatches): My go to everyday neutral lip colour and the peppermint scent is refreshing when it's so hot outside. Although my mum raiding my lip stash and deciding that this was the one she wanted for the day was the only reason this was in my bag. 

Bobbi Brown Rosy: My go to lip colour for the time being. I just can't get over how beautiful this pink is! This might be another colour that my mum keeps stealing from me. 

MAC Crosswires & tarte Bold (swatches): because I need my coral options. 

And because there I couldn't hold everything in my hand and simultaneously take a photo - short of developing photography skills with my mouth. 

Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm: I got into the habit of keeping a lip balm (or in some cases, 2+) in my bag since I've realized that 'stress-induced lip peeling' isn't the best habit to have. 

The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in 18 Sunset Romance: I'd like to classify this as a tinted lip balm so I don't sound crazy carrying around three coral lip options. 

I don't know why I carry around half of these lip products in my bag, to be honest. I should really clean out the weight I carry around on a daily basis - including the half of the useless crap that's claiming permanent residence. What are some of your resident lip products? 

With Love, 
Daphne x