the little things #2


Between finding out that I might not be able to travel back to London as originally planned - which would cause a domino effect on plans for the following couple weeks, having a painful 2-day migraine while still having to power through my schedule, and the WiFi in the house throwing a tantrum every two seconds, the past week definitely wasn't the best one. I needed some reminders that life isn't as bad as it seems, and since the last little things seemed to go down well with you guys, here's the second installation. 

- skype sessions with friends on the other side of the world (plus, there's also the sci-fi element of travelling through time) 
- rediscovering songs that you once loved but had forgotten about
- movie theater popcorn (because for some reason it always tastes better) 
- the first page of a notebook
- catching a few hours of sleep on a long-haul flight 
- a heart-to-heart conversation with my mum and not ending up wanting to rip each other's throats out 
- finding out my baby sister (who's already 18???) boasts to her friends about how cool her big sister is (but really, I'm not that cool????) 
- taking plane/train rides by yourself 
- having time to go through the chaotic thoughts that would otherwise drive me half-mad 
- free wi-fi (that works)
- finishing a (or several) books 
- a good cup of coffee from the most unexpected places 

What are some of the little things that you have noticed lately? 
With Love, 
Daphne x