[the update] off to grandmother's house we go


I am possibly the worst granddaughter ever - I can count the times I've been to my grandparent's house since returning from America slightly over a decade ago. Another tick was added to my grandchild points when we made way down south for my grandmother's birthday. 

I was never particularly close to my grandparents - mostly because the first 10 years of my life was spent on the other side of the world, in a different language. That combined with the heavy accent of my grandfather and my grandmother being traditionally quiet and confined to the kitchen, well, it wasn't the best bonding glue. I guess it's because of that, I'm always overwhelmed by how much my grandparents adored and loved us whenever I go back and see photos of us kids growing up scattered around the house. Especially as my grandfather passed away eight years ago, I'm always riddled with 'terrible grandchild guilt' when I go back and always try to compensate by asking my grandmother to tell us stories of my dad when he was a kid. 
We had lunch in a yummy Chinese restaurant that specialized in Shanghai cuisines. It was so good, I was too busy stuffing food in my mouth and forgot to take photos. But as usual, too much food required a long walk to digest the calories and not feel like I was going to spontaneously combust. Along the way, we passed this cute store where I was playing dentist to a giant Stitch and along with my brother, looking weirdly at Olaf. 

We also backtracked to some shops that my dad and aunt used to visit when they were kids - granted, a lot of the 'traditional' desserts that they favoured as kids has completely no appeal to me. I mean, salty plum shaved ice combined with a soda flavoured ice cream? Sorry. But it was fun to see my dad gobble down two of those in a row, reliving the snack time at the end of a long day in high school. 
It was a one day trip as everyone had to get busy with life the next day. We took the high speed railway back to Taipei - which cut down the normally three hour trip to just under 50 minutes. I was back in the big city before even finishing 100 pages of my novel. Slightly disorientating, but a smooth and efficient travel. I think we're planning another trip down south to see my grandmother before I leave for London again. I'm definitely trying to work on getting more granddaughter points to compensate for the time lost. 

With Love, 
Daphne x