[the update] seven days, seven photos


It was a NARS kinda day. Rocking red lips on the streets in Taipei is definitely a surefire way to get people turning heads - the douche ones will try to pick you up while you just want to get your cup of coffee. 

Fresh out of the salon and being a faux Bond girl posing with an Aston Martin. My hair will never look as good as it did those 10 minutes. 

Bottomless tortilla chips and salsa is always a good idea.

So is How To Train Your Dragon. How do you not fall in love with Toothless? 
Not what I had in mind, but I'll try. 

A paperwork-riddled day as I'm finally in the last stages of applying for my visa. Looks like I'll be able to make it back to London according to original plan! *dance party* 

Huge buffet with adorable cupcakes to end the week. 

This week has definitely been 1000 times better than the past couple. All the paperwork needed to get my student visa has arrived earlier than I thought it would, ending the agony I've been stressing over the past month. 

Other than that, I've happily been scouring the internet for new iPhone 4 cases as I'm taking over my aunt's old phone for the time being. I'm finally able to join in on this case buying craze and I'm loving every moment of it. All of these photos were taken with the new electronic device I've been toting around as I can't be bothered to play with my 'real' camera since I got back to Taiwan. It should be okay, right? Or do you guys want proper, professional(ish) photos? 

And how could I forget? The unicorn-happiness of my week: I had a proper(ish) twitter chat with HADLEY FRASER. I'm sure most of you know my scary obsession with Hadley already, and after meeting him twice, both times making a fool of myself, this is the first proper back and forth I've had with him. I might have lost a night's sleep getting too excited over it and got my friends surprised as well. My friend's friend, who I've never met before, has already dubbed me Hadley's Best Friend - oh I wish! 

How was your week? 

With Love, 
Daphne x