[the wants] come into my closet please


I've been on a shopping dry for the past several months - beauty and fashion wise. I thought I was happy with my closet components, I thought I could keep clothes shopping to a minimum. But once upon an afternoon, my mum and I went to Zara and while I walked out without actually buying anything, I had racked up a mental 'please magically appear in my closet' list. 

Zara Cotton Parka (£89.99): The coat that started it all. Let me draw the picture for you - it was 35 degrees celsius outside, and despite the air conditioning in stores, no sane person would walk around in a winter jacket more than a minute. Clearly, all sanity was blinded with my love for the parka as I was frolicking around in this jacket for a good 10 minutes. I never thought I could fall in love with a jacket - I never knew such a thing existed in real life. I always thought it was an exaggeration. I was wrong. I've always had a soft spot for enormous hoodies - but this parka took it to a whole new level. It was like I was being hugged by a bear. (excuse the grainy 'I don't know if I can legally take a selfie in stores' photo - and I look insanely happy in that hood) 

Is anyone fancying a trip to Spain lately? I'll bake you an amazing chocolate cake and give you a huge hug if you be my Parka dealer.  I mean, have you seen the prices there????? It's only €79.95 (well, I say only...)?????

Zara Long Blouse with Back Buttons (£29.99): I'm a sucker for blouses and shirts. This one looks plain and basic from the front, but oh lordie, the back is beautiful. I'm going through a phase of 'You think it's a basic? BAM' back design - this one hits all the criteria, and it's a blouse. I mean, I really can't ask for more. Oh wait, I can. It's only €29.95 in Spain - I should just take a weekend trip to Spain when I get back to London. 

ASOS Faux Fur Hooded Detachable Lined Parka (£75 on sale for £29): This is the result of scouring ASOS and various websites desperate to find a more affordable version of the ZARA Parka tease. It's slightly longer than the Zara offering, the hood doesn't seem as humongous, but it's on sale and it looks cute. The only thing stopping me is the blind hope that there are going to be more lined parkas coming out over the next several weeks.  

Free People Costa Brava Tunic (£68): Free People is the biggest tease - You know those people, er, things, that make you fall madly in love with them just by being themselves and yet, they're so out of your league, you might as well be playing a completely different game. Yup, Free People is water ballet while I'm ice skating in a whole different climate. The hippie chic in me has been in love with almost every one of their offerings since I discovered the brand years ago - but other than a tee shirt that made my bank balance cry even on sale, I don't dare buy anything from the brand. Flowy, white tunics are my summer vices - this one from Free People is like the Crown Jewels. 'Nuff said. 

Can someone just invent an internet clothes printer already? Or buy me the Zara Parka as a really really REALLY early Christmas present for me? I'll give you my first born. (maybe). 
With Love, 
Daphne x