finally. iphone cases.


My mum doesn't believe in smartphones. Meaning up until two years ago, I was still texting with a number pad on an indestructible Nokia phone. I finally got to upgrade to a basic Sony Xperia a couple years back, and while it was a smartphone, I was still unable to enjoy the innovative way of splurging on various phone cases as my phone was too peasant for case companies to make a model of. Two years of butchering the poor phone and labouring it to run apps that are far too advanced for the model's CPR to handle, I've finally traded that poor fellow in for my aunt's old iPhone 4. I say 'old' but it's in great condition and best of all? I can finally find a new way to spend money on beautiful things. 

For someone that has claimed to be on a spending low lately, I've racked up an impressive amount of 3 phone cases with one still being lost somewhere in Canada. Take note that all this has happened in the past four weeks - I know, who buys this many phone cases in such short period? Both of these cases are from Society 6, a website where artists can make their work into phone cases, mugs, prints..etc. I originally was set out to find a fandom related case but got sidetracked by the other offerings. After adding near 90 designs into my wishlist and sending links back and forth with my friend, she helped me as I knifed down the choices to the fragile things and turquoise stripes

Priced at $35 (around £22), they're not the cheapest offerings and the irritating fact that I later got charged £16 customs fees racked these up to a considerable amount of money. But that said, the quality of these cases are great and the artwork is unique and beautiful. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for the next time Society 6 offers free international shipping as I have my eye on a couple more options, including this Sherlolly case, this gorgeous bleeding butterflies case, this floral skeleton one, and if I ever need a new duvet cover, I want one that's wishing me sweet dreams. UGH Society 6, take my money, TAKE ALL OF IT. 
With Love, 
Daphne x

PS. That fragile things full quote is by Neil Gaiman, 'There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily and so do dreams and hearts.

PPS. I am not sponsored by Society 6. I wish I was sponsored by Society 6 but then life would be too easy on my bank balance.