if it's good enough for mum


Grab your favourite mug to cradle in your hands because it's storytime today. Despite having a daughter that tries to run a beauty blog, I think the only makeup my mum owns is an eyebrow pencil and a couple of lipsticks. But while I was in Taiwan over the summer, my mum spent quite some time rummaging through the picks I brought back and made me place a couple of orders to add into her arsenal. My mum's quite the picky person when it comes to makeup, so if these picks are good enough for her...

It all started when I was painting on my eyebrows while watching Running Man (aka the best variety show ever) reruns in the living room. My mum just sat down and stared at me. And I mean stared. I felt like a suspect under silent interrogation under her scrutiny, and my eyebrow painting movements started to slow down until it finally came to a cease. Note that this was one eyebrow done and the other was bare - so I'm pretty sure I looked pretty wonky. "I never knew your eyebrows could look so nice." my mum complimented before I had the chance to ask her why she was staring at me like she was about to turn me in to the police. I grew up in a home where teasing and making fun of was daily salt so hearing a genuine compliment yanked my strings a bit. I might have looked at her with doubt for a second before deciding to take the compliment. She then asked me to do her eyebrows and after admiring her new power brows and letting me go back to balancing out my other eyebrow, she then made me go online and place an order for the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (£15).  

Since then, she would sit down every now and then to watch me put on my makeup. The stress of the woman who gave me birth and has been critical to every move while growing up now watching me paint my face every day is unbelievable. And every now and then, she'd just rummage through my makeup bag, pulling out products while muttering 'so this is where you splurge all your money' under her breath. One thing that fascinated her was theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (£16). Once upon a time when she still wore makeup, highlighters didn't exist. Even nowadays, highlighters aren't too popular on the tropical island. So after commenting on how I had a 'soft glow like the moon' one day, she also placed an order for this cult-loved highlighter. She loved this so much, she would borrow it from me, swatch some on her finger before applying to her cheekbones. Of course, a blob of sheeny highlight did not look too good. So she learned and stole a stippling brush from my collection for future application. 

The last product that my mum also added into her arsenal was actually the only product I intended to introduce her to. My mum has incredible skin - the problematic skin that I have all comes from my dad. But even so, the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque (£27) is too perfect. My mum tried out the masque one night and a couple hours later, slapped it onto my sister when she was studying. Not a week later, we were back from the Aesop counter with a couple tubes of the mask and several samples of other products that my mum was intrigued by. 

I don't know how many of these products will actually be used by the woman who gave me life on a regular basis, but it comforts me to know that while I was spending money on probably unnecessary beauty products, my mum also benefited from it. Self-justification at its finest. 
Have you coveted your mum to any beauty products before? 
With Love, 
Daphne x