One of the best things of streamlining the makeup collection is forcing a product to be an octopus - being able to multitask and invent new functions. The Real Techniques Multitask Brush was already able to use both left and right hand in functionality, but it was still falling an inch or two short of its name. But like I said, situations force evolution. In the past month of being with a limited amount of brushes has stimulated this brush to really explode its potential and grow into the name it was given. 

Contouring, highlighting, and blush
I'm assuming from the various tutorials I've binge watched, this is the most common usage for this brush. The fluffy-ness of the brush prevents an overload of product, and the flat-oval shape of the bristles allows a general shadow placement of the pigment, resulting in a halo of colour softly accentuating the cheek area. (can I give myself a pat on the back for how artistic that sounded??? this is coming from a person that's handicapped in drawing a stick person) 

Powder Application
Another commonly applied method for the brush. Quite frankly, this isn't my favourite brush to use for powder application, but it's one that comes in handy when travelling as I don't need a second brush to reach the under eye area.

Foundation and concealer
Now this is one that I haven't heard of people doing, but I don't understand why. I like to use this brush to blend out thinner foundations (my choice being the predictable NARS Tinted Moisturizer), it takes about 30 seconds to finish the base and it's just glorious. It does give a sheerer coverage than a denser brush, but for a quick every day base, this is definitely the brush I'm going for. It's also a great brush to blend out under eye concealer as it glides and blends the product without tugging at the sensitive skin. 
There have been days when I multitask in watching old reruns of Grey's Anatomy whilst applying makeup - this usually results in an overzealous application of powder/blush, which means that unless I started getting ready 500 minutes before schedule, I don't have time to properly put on shoes before I go out the door - never mind reapplication. The fix? Take off most of the product on this brush on my thigh or the back of my hand and start blending. If it's softer, it's blurred, which even if isn't a miracle fix, does give a hazy 'is it really over-applied?' look. 
While not a complete octopus, the multitask brush has already seven tasks at hand, which is good enough for me considering that the only reason I purchased the whole friggin' Real Techniques Travel Kit just for this brush. What's your favourite multitask brush? 
With Love, 
Daphne x