the makeup addict tag.


I haven't done a tag in ages and it seems that tags are a tad more on the low then they were a while back? At least that's the impression I'm getting from my feed. Anyway, the lovely Jaye tagged me to do the makeup addict tag and so here are my answers to kickstart the week. 

1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?
I've been pretty good at sticking to the one in one out rule I set for myself, but I did fall off the wagon over the summer when adding half a dozen lipsticks into my stash...Oops. Mascara is another product that I keep buying, despite the mayfly-shelf life it has. 

2. What's the one product you can't live without?
I really don't get questions phrased like this? How could I possibly live without a product? But for the sake of the tag, the product I can't live without is probably a good lip balm. Especially in London where the winds and weather is much harsher and will chap the heck out of my lips. 

3. Favourite makeup brand?
Another question that I'm having a hard time answering (I'm realizing I'm doing a terrible job at this tag), I'm not particularly brand-loyal nor have a brand I turn to for an array of products. But brands like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown have never let me down. Rimmel is also worth mentioning as I love their eyeliners and the Match Perfection Foundation is one of my top-rated bases. 

4. How big is your makeup collection? 
I'm currently doing damage control on my collection and chucked out a bunch of stuff that were past expiration date and gave another bucket load away to friends before moving. The size I currently have is less embarrassing but it's still the size that could be distributed to several normal people. 

5. And how do you store it? 
I store the products I'm currently using in an organizer besides my bed, I have a photo of it here. But the products that aren't in rotation are placed in two makeup bags on another shelf. I try to do a bi-weekly or monthly rotation to make sure that I don't forget about the products that aren't on display. 

6. How many items of makeup have you got in your handbag at the moment?
Not that much really. I don't tend to carry around makeup as I can't be bothered to top off my makeup throughout the day. So I only have a lip balm, MAC Peach Blossom and The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in my bag - the last one purely brought for it's mirror. 

7. If you could raid another blogger's stash, who would it be? 
Anyone's really! I'm always curious to see what kind of products other people have. Some of my favourite products are results of nosing around people's stash. *cough* Jaye *cough*

8. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?
On an average day, it takes around 15 minutes. Base, concealer, powder, eyebrows, mascara are the basics. Depending on how I'm feeling that day, the look can range from 'DAMN WOMAN' to 'I really can't be bothered'.

9. Have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn't use it. 
No. As much of a hoarder as I am, I hate having something in my stash that I never use. I just end up feeling guilty over not giving it love and give it away. So unless it's a gift, otherwise I'd never spend money on a purple lipstick. 

10. Tag a few other makeup addicts to do the tag! 
Let's see...Hanh, Vanessa, Divya, Shari, Sheri, and Tasha, you guys are up! Also anyone else, if you do the tag, remember to leave your link! Or just leave your answers in the comments below! 
With Love, 
Daphne x