the subtle & friendly lips


[top to bottom: Revlon Complex | Bobbi Brown Peach Sorbet | MAC Peach Blossom | L'Oreal Peachy Brown | Chanel Boy]
Not too long ago, I shared the story of how I was forced into the world of peachy nude lipsticks. For those of you that missed it, long story short, my mum thought all my bold coloured lipsticks screamed MANEATER too loud and hence, dragged me to a makeup counter to put a 'friendly' option in my collection.

After being dragged away from the brights and the bolds, my mum stuck me in front of the section I'd never usually give a second glance and told the makeup artist to find me something 'friendly' and 'less like I just stuck my mouth in a pool of blood' (her words, for once, not mine). There was a lot of swatching involved and more lipstick removals than my poor lips could handle, but my mum and I both walked away happy that I had added MAC Peach Blossom (£15.50) into my lipstick arsenal. After wearing this for several days straight (with my mum being very happy that I finally looked I fitted into the streets of Taipei), of course it was inevitable that my friendly and subtle lip collection grew quickly. 

[left to right: Revlon Complex | Bobbi Brown Peach Sorbet | MAC Peach Blossom | L'Oreal Peachy Brown | Chanel Boy]
MAC Peach Blossom, the one that started it out, is quite the sheer lip option. It allows for my natural lip colour to show through, meaning that it's easier for those of us easing into the peachy nudes a transition period. 

I think this one might be an Asia-limited colour, but L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Peachy Brown is, as the very creative name suggests, a brown-toned peach. Unlike the other options, this one gives it a more 'natural' and at the risk of sounding like every other blogger, it's one of those MLBB - fancy acronym for My Lips But Better - shades. 

Another peach that holds a brown toned but slightly paler and more peach, is Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balms in Complex (£7.99). Because of how pale it is, I'm still adjusting to the colour, but I'd quickly warming up to how easy it wears. Plus, being the only matte finish of the options makes this one stand out. You can see me wearing it in this post

The sheerest of the bunch, Chanel Coco Rouge in Boy (£25) has a sheen to it that has slight silver, purple shimmers running through it, enhancing the shape of your lips and giving it a gorgeous sheen that looks natural. Don't be terrified by how shiny it looks in the tube, trust me, there's a reason why everyone raves about this. 

With a slight pink undertone, the limited edition Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Peach Sorbet (£19.50) is absolutely gorgeous and probably my favourite of the bunch. I've always been quite fond of this Bobbi Brown line, it's hydrating, light-weight, but packs quite the colour - despite the name. If there's one colour that you need from this post, it's this one. And it's limited edition. So I'd say snatch this one up before it's gone. 

While I'm not chucking away my bold lip colours any time soon, it's nice to be able to venture into the subtle and more people-friendly peachy nudes. What are your favourite people pleasers? 
With Love, 
Daphne x