bag essentials.


I've been requested to 'dump out your bag so we can rummage through it, please' more times than I can count and well, let's just say I always clean out my bag before I remember that I have to make note of the contents. But that said, I have one of those 'mini bags' that I place in whatever bag I'm carrying that contains the essentials. With school starting, this mini bag stays mostly in the tote I use for school with only the rest of my notes and binders being swapped out. I've emptied the majority of my mini bag out for you guys to have a poke around as it's probably the most interesting bits of my bag. I mean, unless you want to read my scrawly notes on comparative theory...

I never used to be a phone person before London, but now I'm pretty much in close parameter of my phone at all times. I did a post on my phone case a while back, it's from Society 6 and the quality of this blue zebra case is amazing.

I'm not too keen on using my phone to listen to music just because it drains the battery faster than a volcano could erupt. I also have this sentimental relationship with my iPod Touch so this six year relationship is still going strong.

I'm a livid book reader. I went through my elementary school's library in third grade and it was the same situation up till high school. I think I lost momentum with reading in my later uni years and didn't pick up the habit of reading again until I was done with exams earlier this year. Now I carry my Kindle around with me everywhere. There's a good hundred books in there, but I'm currently reading the Outlander series as well as some books that I need for my dissertation research.

I'm a person that won't remember something for two weeks in the future if I don't put it pen to paper. Something about electronic calendars that just don't stick to me. My Filofax Saffiano Personal Organizer is the thing that's trying desperately to keep my life vaguely in order.

After a couple too many times finding myself without a pen in a situation where I would be tempted to prickle my finger to blood write, I had gone around to throwing a pen in each of my bags. This year, I decided to be organized and bought a tiny pencil case that looks like a deformed sausage in this photo to house the pens and highlighters I need for school. Did I mention that I also have white-out in it as well? Organized.

Similar to the pen story, I've chucked lip balms in each of my bags and the pockets of my most-worn coats. Just so I don't find myself in the dire situation of needing a lip balm, walking into Boots, coming out with a bag full of stuff that doesn't include a lip balm. Trust me, that's happened too often. In this case, The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care is the permanent resident for the mini bag - which means it's my most used on-the-go pick.

My eyesight has always been peculiar. With one eye nearsighted and the other farsighted, I've always needed study glasses for long periods of reading. In the past, I've only brought these out from their case around deadline week or exam season, but lately, they've been my best friend. I'm genuinely terrified that my eyesight has deteriorated and I'll need to get new ones. Can't I just live in denial???

I've always been a watch-wearer - there's just something oddly comforting about having the time on your wrist. The one in the photo was the result of a panic buy from ASOS (which is now sold out, sadly) and I'm loving it. I'm a huge fan of metal bands as they don't 'stick' to the skin but as most of the chains are too large for my wrist, I was head over heels to find a metal strap that had the belt-design. And since I'm almost always cutting it close to time, I like to set my watch several minutes early. I'm never quite sure how early the time is set, I'd say over six minutes but under ten - this way, I can't just do a simple deduction and declare that I still have some time. Totally defeats the purpose. But now that I don't even know how much faster my watch is, I'm more able to keep my time management skills on the leash.

There are a couple of things that aren't here - like my wallet and keys, but since they don't usually go in the mini bag, I decided to leave them out. I did a post for Jaye a while back that has a more detailed illustration of the things I carried around on a daily basis over the summer - which has an 80% overlap of the things I'm carrying around now. So if you want a peek, here's the link.

What do you usually carry around in your bag? 
With Love, 
Daphne x