fall into rotation.


See what I did there? Isn't it clever. Okay, okay, I know. I'm aware my puns have reached a new low and I'm not proud of it okay? Just bear with my fall. Heh heh - fall. Anyway, I've been shuffling around the makeup display lately and brought back some products that have been neglected when I was too busy trying to not suffocate under the heat. 

I might have had a little dance party all alone in my room with my headphones on when I brought back NARS Sheer Glow (£31) and Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (£29) back into rotation. Both of these shades have been too light for me the past several months and I still need to mix some of my darker shades to accommodate the awkward shade I'm in at the moment. But the blob of these two foundations are getting larger and larger, while the darker shades are shrinking.

While I'm still going to wear my peachy shades like it's no one's business even as the temperature drops, I've moved the Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Blushes in Mellow Wine ($2.99) back into rotation. The most pigmented blush I have in my collection, it's definitely not one that you should use when you're half awake and have a tendency to go heavy handed. Trust me, I've been there. But lightly applied, this mauvey-rose shade gives the perfect 'oh look, I just got out of the cold, now where's my hot chocolate' kinda flush. A more nude shade that's no stranger in blog posts, I've also rekindled with Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed ($26) after having a summer love affair with bronzer and brighter blushes. 

Eye shadow was practically non-existent when I was busy trying to stop my mascara from smudging. But now that the temperature has privileged my mascara from sweating off, I'm back into the eyeshadow game. Especially with richer and slightly darker, slightly more metallic colours, like MAC Club (£13) and the Urban Decay Smoked Palette (£36), particularly the shades Barlust and Rockstar. Also, the cool-toned shades fall (heh) back into place again as my complexion almost gets too warm to wear them during the summer months. I can't wait to dip my brush into the beloved MAC Satin Taupe (£13) again. 

Lip options are probably the easiest switch up - and they're also the easiest way to update a look. MAC Lustering (£15.50) - a cool toned pink - again, was just not right when I had a tan. But at least I'll be less sad about that tan gone when I get to wear this sheer bright pink again. A more neutral-everyday lipstick that's back in the game is Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Fiend (£15).  

The greys and darks have come out to play again as the leaves start dying. Last year's favourite, the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in Punk Rock (£4.49), I did a review on this nail polish complete with swatches here. A lighter shade on the days I want to tone it down, Essie Chinchilly (£7.99) is a sophisticated grey that I can't get enough of. 

I never thought I did that much for a seasonal shake up, but through another post of rambles, I'm constantly surprising myself. Do you have seasonal changes when it comes to makeup? 
With Love, 
Daphne x