in rotation #15


I've decided that rather than confusing myself with calling this series 'currently loving' and overlapping all the products with my monthly favourites, I'm renaming it to 'in rotation' to show you guys which products I've been reaching for and a quick verdict on them. Capiche? Are we all okay with that? 

I've got my morning makeup routine down to a good 10 minutes. To achieve that, it means foregoing trying to conceal my zillion spot marks on my face. Which means it all comes down to a good base. I've been mixing the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation ($38) with my NARS Tinted Moisturizer to get the balanced shade while not skimping on the coverage. I'm quite fond of this mousse-y foundation as it gives nice coverage with a gorgeous finish that wears brilliantly. But the shade is still a smidgen too light for me.

This week has again, been quite exhausting. But I'm slightly on my track back to the top of things, so don't worry too much about me. Although if you saw me on a Tuesday afternoon, I'll most likely be out of it. Anyway, I'm favouring Revlon Nude Pink (£6.49) on my nails the past week as it's such a sophisticated shade that's sheer enough for me to get away with huge chippings before I have to reapply next. 

I've been reaching for the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (£18) the past week to add some colour into my makeup while keeping it toned down and natural enough for serious class discussions on immigration policies. While I'm quite happy to wear a bright lip out, dark berry-toned lip colours are shades that I just can't quite see myself wearing just yet. So for the time being, this is about as seasonal dark I'm going to get. 

The past two weeks was quite, dare I say, narcissistic. Or should I saw narsissistic? Heh heh. Jaye was kind enough to part ways with her beloved NARSissist Palette (£50) to let me have a play around with it. This is an absolutely gorgeous palette, and I probably would've made the splurge if I don't already have near a dozen palettes. But seeing as I'm a reasonable person (I think I just heard my mum laughing from halfway across the world) and I don't use the majority of the shades in the palette, I'm just going to add Ashes to Ashes and Fez to my Christmas wishlist - especially Fez as it also appeals to my Whovian persona. 

50% NARS, who would've thought? How has your week been and what products are currently in your makeup rotation? 
With Love, 
Daphne x