the coloured neutrals


Neutrals work. That's why 95% of my overflowing eyeshadow collection could write up its own 50 Shades. And then there's the remaining 5% - other than an embarrassing collection of bright blue eyeshadows carried over from my younger days, the rest is composed of the coloured neutrals. You know, those colours that aren't the typical browns and taupes, the muted rainbow children, if I may. 

Dusty purples have been a long term favourite of mine, they're one of the safest coloured neutrals as they could easily be pushed into the taupe family. MAC Shale (£13/£10) is a safe option for those that are wanting to dip their toes into the coloured world. Used as an all over lid shade with a touch of eyeliner for a subtle look, or as a crease shade to amp up the colour in a neutral look, this dusty purple is absolutely gorgeous. 

For those of you that want to start with colour and have a thing for gold shades, MAC Sumptuous Olive (£13/£10) is a great place to start. Looking more olivey-green in the pan, it actually appears more gold with a hint of olive when applied. This used as a wash all over the lid is gorgeous as there are freckles of green when catching the light, but nothing too overboard. If you're feeling daring and want more green, try layering this over a darker base like a black eyeliner. 

One of my favourite ways to wear colour in the autumn is the red-browns. Now, anything with red undertones and goes around the eyes aren't the easiest thing to wear. But shadows like Make Up Geek Cocoa Bear ($5.99) and Clinique Black Honey (£16) are worth the challenge. The trick? A dark brown or black eyeliner at the upper lashes to create a barrier of sorts and loads of mascara to balance out the red. Also, to go that extra step, a nude eyeliner in the lower waterline is always the best way to cancel out the do-I-have-pink-eye redness. 

For those of you that want colour play but don't wear eyeshadow, eyeliner is the oldest trick in the book. I remember the days when I would wear a stark line of bright green on the upper and lower lash line: bringing back the 80s in the mid-2000s. But toning down the loud teenage years, opting for a darker coloured liner that almost appears black from afar is a subtle way to add colour into the look. I was wearing the Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Go For a Ride ($10), a deep dark forest green, one day when my friend commented on how my eyes seemed brighter that day before proceeding to stick her nose against my cheek - dangerously close to a making out distance to stare at my eyeliner. Surprised that it was a deep green, rather than the usual brown I wear, she made note of the pencil before giving me back my personal space. A little change goes a long way - or in my case, a close call to an uncomfortable pre-makeout session invasion of personal space.  

Coloured neutrals always start coming out to play in the autumn, a perfect way to add some spice into an otherwise neutral look. Are you a true neutrals person or do you like to add some colour into the twist? Which are your favourite? 
With Love, 
Daphne x