[the review] too faced natural eyes palette


Neutral palettes are about as new as the Lord of the Rings trilogy but despite that, I still always get excited when someone proposes a Tolkien marathon - just like how a good neutral palette will always make my heart flutter. With the bajillion neutral palettes out there, many have come and gone through my collection, while only few have stayed. With the Urban Decay Naked Basics as the queen of the batch, I didn't think any palette would come close to usurping its regime. And then the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette (£32) made its dramatic entrance. 

I remember being intrigued of the various bloggers mentioning this when it was re-released in the new metal packaging several months back. I was interested, but I wasn't completely convinced of the praises that were sung - is it just me or? When every other 'big' blogger mentions the same product, the level of skepticism on the quality just sky rockets for me. But still, having tried a couple of Too Faced products before, this stayed on my radar. Fast forward a couple months, I was jaw-slacked when I got this pretty packaging from my friend as a late birthday present. After a couple of weeks of abusement, I abandoned this in London as I made travelled halfway across the globe. But what's meant to be will find a way to be - I fell in love all over again with this smartly designed palette the moment I settled down in London. 
[Heaven | Cashmere Bunny | Sexspresso | Silk Teddy | Push-Up | Erotica | Nudie | Honey Pot | Chocolate Martini]
Made up of nine shades -four matte and five metically shimmers, the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette is the perfect travelling palette that's able to create any eye look. There's a booklet that comes with some suggestions - but I say be creative and let your instincts lead the way. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are extraordinary as is the quality - dare I say, the matte shadows are even smoother than the Urban Decay offerings. But my favourite thing and the reason I say this palette is smartly designed is because of the difference in quantity sizes. Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nudie are significantly larger than the other shadows, which is great as two of these shades are utilized daily to create a simple eye look. 

Now comparing this to the queen of my neutral palettes collection. The reason I say that this might be threatening the position of my beloved Urban Decay Naked Basics is for the metallic/shimmer shades in the palette. I don't use them that much as I do the matte offerings, but it's always good when there's the offering. Also, unlike a lot of other neutral palettes out there, I love how this one is almost a 50/50 split on the matte/shimmer offerings. The only slight complaint I would grumble about is the size of the mirror - I would've expected it to be slightly larger compared to the size of the palette. But other than that, I would probably choose to take this rather than the old UD offering on future travels. 

Have you tried this palette before or are there any other neutral palettes that are queen of all the releases in your opinion? 

With Love, 
Daphne x