Dear November,


It's almost cliche to start this post with the photo that I have attached, but allow me that freedom for a post. November has never been a standout month for me, it'd have it's moments but it would never be as routinely stressful as Junes, or as eventful as Julys, or as stressful as Octobers. Novembers were always that quiet month when life would be transitioning from one phase to another - quietly and gradually, just like the change of the seasons. 

Things are going to be different this year. I haven't updated you guys on the life front for a while now and I think it's time that you guys have a glimpse behind the blog. As I've mentioned half a dozen times already, school is kicking my butt. Like Hollywood, cliche, high school bullying kinda kicking my butt. All the school stress that I complained about in the last 18 years I spent in school is nothing compared to what I'm undergoing now. It's that time in the term where I'm falling behind on studies, essay deadlines start creeping up, and running almost entirely on coffee and adrenaline. I have to hand in my first essay in just over a week and I have no clue where to start - I'm stressed and tired to a point where my friends can even hear how stressed I am by a simple 'hi' on Skype. 

But although I'm complaining, I'm having the time of my life. I had a dissertation meeting with my supervisor earlier this week and it was fantastic. I'm properly excited at the idea of diving into the topic that I'm planning on writing about and at one point in the meeting, it seemed like my supervisor was more excited about the topic than I was. He's extremely helpful and I've already started tackling the reading list he gave me. Despite the painful fact that I should be reading for my essay.

I wasn't planning on travelling mid-term just because the sheer amount of work I have is crippling. But it came to the point where even my mum was encouraging me to take a long weekend. I'm escaping away from the city and into the forests later this month. It'll be nice to go to Belgium and stay at my friend's place, to catch up, have some wonderful home cooked food, and to just be able to breathe before I have to tackle the next wave of essays. 

Life is pretty busy with just school and that'll most probably be the case for the next couple months. But I'm loving it, despite my grumbles. So November, with the little things, the unexpected twists and turns, the change of seasons, be good to me.
With Love, 
Daphne x