new in: the Belgian drugstore loot


As much as I love my best friend, sometimes travelling with a guy is a hinderance when it comes to throwing money at makeup. While I knew that he wouldn't object to lingering around the stands as I umm and ahh over the display of beauty products, there’s the simple fact that guys just don't know where makeup shopping could take place. 

But this time, he introduced me to a couple of his friends - including another girl that was about as obsessed with makeup as I was. Not even a quarter hour after we met were we already exchanging the torments of packing makeup for travels and swapping favourite lipstick colours. Of course, only naturally, did we end up at the aisles of the drugstores with her recommending products left and right to me as my best friend lingered around for a couple minutes before deciding it would be better use of his time to sit in the cafe outside and have a drink. 
There were several brands available at the shop we visited, but I mainly focused on Catrice and Essence as they weren't readily available in London. I think I must've near-yelled “HOW IS IT THIS CHEAP” a good couple dozen times while I kept throwing things in the basket - the fact that Catrice was having a “2 for €5” promotion didn't help the case much. To give you a general idea, Rimmel, which is a mid-range priced brand in the London drugstores, is considered by my friend to be mid-high end in the aisles of the Belgian drugstores. Nothing I bought was over €5...Yes, let’s take time to let that sink in. 

I'm not going into detail of what I got, but a general idea is a couple of red lipsticks. several eyeshadows I don't need but am drooling over, some eyeliners, mascaras and a hope that a drugstore eyeshadow base will actually be good. 

Other than the huge stock of chocolate that could feed a family of four for a good couple months, I also came back with a fair amount of makeup bits and bobs. That said, while I don't regret any of the purchases I made, maybe it would be more wise for my bank balance to travel with the guys next time? 
With Love, 
Daphne x