straight( hair


Other than the one time I had my bangs (or fringe) chemically permed stick straight (terrible mistake), I've had naturally wavy hair ever since puberty kicked in. It's happened several too many times - my hairdresser would spend ages blowdrying my hair, I'd go outside and ten minutes later, it's the wavy mess that it was before. My hair is just about as stubborn as I am. 

I'm in love with my natural waves on a good day, but I'm already short on time to get dressed these days, never mind my hair. It didn't take me long to realize that if I go in with a straightener and tackle my hair in chunks to take out some of the waves, I can go with good hair sans brushing till the next time I have to shampoo.

I was in the middle of attacking my hair with a straightener the other night, just working out the kinks when my friend asked if she could properly straighten my hair. Not seeing the harm, I handed over the hair tool and chatted away as she started pinning up the majority of my hair the proper salon way. A good half hour and a bit more later, I finally found out what I looked like with pin straight hair. It actually wasn't a bad look, but wanting me to spend more than 5 minutes on my hair? Definitely not on a daily basis. 

Like I said, I have massively stubborn hair. This time around, it was pretty cooperating. A night's sleep and half a day of messing and tugging at my hair due to stress later, the straightness is holding up pretty well.  It's gained some of the natural waves back, which I'm loving for the casualness of it. 
I'm definitely not going to be spending more than 15 minutes on my hair, but next time I'll probably put more effort into straightening it and not just spend 3 seconds on a huge chunk of hair. What do you think? Straight(er) hair or the natural wild mane? 
With Love,
Daphne x