[the review] collection fast stroke liquid liner


I was never really into sharp liners. I liked the smudgable pencils, the hazier the look, the more soft and sexy it was, the more I liked the look. And then as always, I suddenly changed my mind one day and decided that flicked liner was going to be my thing. 

After falling in love with various felt tip liners and getting the hang of it, I decided I wanted to challenge the traditional dip-pot liquid liners - the kind that I naively tried to master the first week I begun using makeup and ended up with a panda haze over half my face. But fast forward a couple years, and this time, I was determined to make it work. 
There was no question which liner I was going to try out. £2.99 and loved by Suzie, the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner was a no-brainer. Plus, if it didn't work out, there wouldn't be too much to cry over. 

I did end up crying (not literally), but in joy. I'll be frank with you, I don't think I've ever screwed up my liner with this one before. Although it's a tradition pot-liquid liner, the nib of the applicator is quite stiff, making it easy to manipulate. The formula is jet black, and while it takes a while to dry, once set, it won't budge. I've worn this for 14 hours once, and it included running around London sans umbrella, but while my mascara smudged and the makeup faded, the liner was still intact. And I didn't even buy the waterproof formula. The only slight complaint I would have about this is that because of how firm the nib of the applicator is, it can sometimes be slightly irritating on the days when my eyelids are more sensitive. But that's not even a real complaint as I flippin' love this liner. 
I've got lining my eyes down to a thirty second job, a minute and a half on really bad days. It just takes a lot of practice and a good liner. I wouldn't recommend this liner to those of you that are prone to intensive blinking when applying eyeliner as it's quite the wet formula that takes a while to dry. But for everyone else, even beginners, the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner is a fantastic place to start the classic flicked liner. Plus, you really can't beat the price! 
Have you tried the Collection liner before? What's your favourite liquid liner? 
With Love, 
Daphne x