Belgium 2.0


Quoting a friend, "Belgium is like your backyard." I'm definitely not going to argue to that as it's one of the first places that I think of when needing a getaway. I mean, being able to stay at my best friend's place as his parents cook up the most delicious meals and having nature at your fingertips? What more can I ask for? 

We did a day trip in Antwerp and I think it's safe to say that it's definitely one of my favourite cities in Belgium. Preserving the culture even in the crooks and crannies, I love the historical evidence that has lived throughout time. It was a day of munching as I'm pretty much obsessed with waffles, the simple kind with cinnamon sugar on top, or a generous coat of chocolate. I'm also proclaiming that I've found the best burger in Belgium. For those of you that are planning a trip to this small country, make sure to get yourself a Bicky Burger with a generous proportion of fries and mayo. Don't be fooled by how plain that burger looks, it's a little slice of heaven for €3. Yes, you read that right, THREE EUROS. 
I was naive to think that this trip would be without my usual travel disaster. The Belgian National Rail on strike the day I was supposed to come back, which meant that there was no way I would be able to take the train from my friend's city to Brussels. After various discussions in French, my friend told me that his parents decided it would be probably best if we went into Brussels with his mum at noon and explore the city for the afternoon. Despite being to Belgium twice, I've never been outside the train station in the capital so it was nice to finally see the home of the EU headquarters. 
I'm pretty much in love with this country - and I'll be making a trip back. I mean, I already have a generous invitation to escape the city over the summer.
With Love, 
Daphne x