on trial: makeup edition #4


I have been good the past several months and haven't bought much new makeup. We are not talking about the money output translation into clothes and shoes. But when I went into Boots the other week to pick up some bits for a friend, I accidentally walked out with four new buddies in my bag. Oops. 

I've always been a bright lip kinda gal - once upon a time, I did try a dark lip. But that was quickly put behind me. But like a boomerang, the urge for a dark lip came back around and smacked me in the head. After a lot of swatching and umm-ing over if I was actually going to buy something I would probably never use more than twice, I finally decided that I should definitely buy the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks in 18 Violine Strass (£7.99). I mean, if I ended up hating it, at least I tried, right???? I know, I'm going to end up broke with that stupid logic. It's a plum-shade that has golden shimmer, which I surprisingly like as it gives a nice dimension without being over the top. So far, I've only worn this lipstick in my room - but we'll see if I brave it outside some time soon. 

Another lipstick that I decided was worth trying out was the Seventeen Stay Pout Lip Colour in Infared (£4.49). A red that's more toned down and darker than my usual 'in your face' bright red lips, I think this is a shade that I'm going to get more use out of. I've never heard much of the brand Seventeen in general, but this lipstick is flippin' amazing. I wore it for near eight hours the other day and the semi-matte, satin finish lipstick was so light, I was actually taken aback for a second when I saw myself in the mirror as I genuinely forgot I was wearing lipstick. I am most definitely tempted to purchase a couple of other shades from the line as well.

I also picked up the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer because well, there was a promotion for half price off the second item and this was finally in stock at my local Boots. It can't just me that has the urge to purchase something that's always sold out, right???? I haven't used this that much to form a complete opinion yet, but holy heck, full coverage alert right here.

Last but not least, after being disappointed time after time by the Maybelline mascaras, I don't know what pushed me to purchase the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I think it had a lot to do with the £2 off promotional discount - mascaras are getting ridiculously expensive these days okay??? I'm glad I did though as this is the first Maybelline mascara I've been able to get on board with in ages. The only slight complaint? What is it with Maybelline (or quite a couple of brands with their mascaras in general) and their whole WHOSE MASCARA PACKAGING CAN TAKE UP MORE SPACE rocket ship design? Like, it doesn't mean that there's more product in there so why are you aiming to overcompensate take up more space in my makeup bag? 

But yeah, I'm still going back to this innovative concept regarded as a 'spending ban'. Wish me luck as I really really REALLY want to get more of those Seventeen lipsticks. 

What have you bought lately? 
With Love, 
Daphne x