the makeup tip that no one tells you.


I have lost count of the amount of makeup tips that I've acquired over the years - from dubious websites (I will never forget the week I applied vaseline to my lashes in attempt to make them grow faster - it was absolutely disgusting), from makeup artist, from real life people. You get the idea. 
But of all the sources, there's one tip I never heard anyone mention. It's the most no-brainer one out there, but it's life changing. Especially if you're like me and the amount of patience you have is worryingly low. The tip, you say? 

Curl your lashes BEFORE you put on eyeliner

No, seriously though, why is this not mentioned more frequently in the makeup world*? Unless you are blessed with crazy long, thick lashes and curling your lashes will literally obscure your way to lining your eyes, then for your sanity's sake, curl your lashes beforehand. I did the whole 'first line, then curl' procedure without question for years, it was a friend that saw me reapplying my eyeliner afterwards that asked me why I didn't just do it the other way around. It was a 'DOH STUPID' moment when I flipped the two steps, no longer did I have to go in again to touch up the bits of liner that was stuck to my lash curler like metal to a magnetic force. Plus, it keeps my lash curler looking less like it stepped out of a muddy pond of melted eyeliner. 
With Love, 
Daphne x

*Or is this not frequently mentioned because I'm the only idiot that does eyeliner before lash curling???