things that will always get me excited


getting recognition from cats and dogs - let's be real, an animal voluntarily coming up to you and wanting you to pet them is probably the greatest accomplishment there is (on the flip side, getting rejected by an animal is also the worst kind) 

red lipstick - there's a reason I have a handful of red lipstick despite only wearing it a dozen times a year. 

horses, dolphins, and whales - I just really like animals okay? 

weird, obscure facts that no one really cares about - an octopus only has one bone in its entire body so essentially, it can squeeze through any space that's larger than its beak. 

the smell of new books (and fresh paint) (...and gasoline) - I know, this is going to get me killed one day.  

good chocolate (preferably with whole hazelnuts) - I cleared the shelves last time I was in Belgium and later had a mini party when my friend from Switzerland sent me the dream-worthy chocolate. 

coffee - I have a caffeine problem and it's starting to get out of control. Again. 

accidentally coordinating my underwear - I have my life in order. Kinda. Sorta. It's an illusion.

Evian in the 750ml bottles with the special sippy thing cap - You know what I'm talking about, the bottle cap where you don't have to worry about spilling water all over yourself when you're distracted. Am I too specific about my water?

crisp, new bills - not legislation bills, but money bills. 
Starbucks names - I always get disappointed when they look at me in anticipation, hoping that I'll spell out my name for them. There's a reason I'm paying an extra 50p for barely decent coffee - use your imagination and butcher the spelling of my name please. 

imprompt skype sessions - scheduled skype sessions are great, but when people skype you just because they want to always makes me happy.  


What are some of the things that will always brighten up your day no matter how tanked it is? 
With Love, 
Daphne x