*bleep* you hear in my programme pt. 2.


HOW IS IT THE END OF TERM ALREADY? *insert panic attack here* 

Since the last *bleep* you hear in my programme post went down so well, here I give you part two. I swear, I do learn things other than writing down nonsense my professors say. Ah right, I should put out a warning: there will be mentions of drugs. I would say it doesn't take up a lot of space, but let's face it, drugs are mentioned in every other sentence. 

- "I only wikipedia-ed this so I didn't do any kind of amazing research."

- "If you're working in the city or need to stay up all night to say, write your dissertation - coke, amphetamine? Yeah, sure, absolutely, of course." 

- "God, I forgot there were doctors in this group. Cut that, that was a bad analogy, you guys are getting too technical. Ah, God, I f*cked up. I can already see the headlines, SA4L6 students inventing injectable nicotine. I f*cked up. *pause* Cut me in on that, it was my idea." 

- "I live in the middle of nowhere and am surrounded by sheep. But my insurance provider insisted that I have a burglar alarm system - I mean, if anyone can find me, they deserve all my possessions."

- "If you want to see snipers, go to a state protest. But they will shoot so it's better if you watch your actions a bit."

-"If the stores saw the protesters, they would start calling the police commissioner, the mayor…and probably God.” 

- (asking for class feedback) "It's okay, you can be critical. I'll probably cry, but not in front of you guys." 

- "If you go to the embassies of the countries that we don’t like very much, then okay; but don't go burning flags in front of the states that we like."

- “Teaching is a perilous activity, you guys could start hackling me any moment or whack me with a stick when you disagree - which, don't, by the way, but look at you guys, sitting here listening, and laughing when you're supposed to.” 

- (after going into detail on how to deliver a baby) "A couple of police officer cadets I was teaching had already fainted at this point. You guys are doing pretty well." 

(on a study of heroin injection treatment) "Did this reading make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside?" 

- "Friday afternoon around 4pm, that's the height of the drug market. Just in case you guys were wondering." 

- (on the drug market) "This is not Starbucks we're talking about here." 

- "They were very effective in going into the problem areas, you know, breaking a few kneecaps and helping people realize the errors of their ways." 

- "Someone came up to me and asked what it felt like to be the most hated person in the world and I thought, 'fame at last!'. I've never been the most anything before." 

- "We all agree, that's good - actually no, I never agree with anyone." 

- "My dad used to make me cry when he taught me this stuff. Now I'm passing on the knowledge without making you guys cry." 

- "I can't believe I actually know these words - cartelized oligopoly????" 

- "For the collective good...or as good as cartels can get I suppose." 

- "We're really good at making people feel like crap." 

- "It's ebay for drugs!" 

- "I am pretty sure policy makers don't go into work each morning thinking 'I'm going to screw with poor people.'" 

- "I would've brought handouts...but I didn't bring handouts. I'm mean like that."

- "It's always amazing to see two academics shout at each other."

- (assigning role play identities for a debate) "...and you guys are the drug addicts." (I ended up to be one of the three heroin addicts) 
- "There was a feedback that said I was fond of self-referencing. But, if I don't read my work, who will?"

- "Drug users like good drugs' 

- "Let's put the fun back into drug policy."
- "If there was a place where people could safely shoot up heroin for the first time legally, I would probably take the whole class there. You guys probably have never done heroin before and I think you need to know the effects of drugs to fully understand this course."  

- "Murder is always a sexy topic."

- "Your dissertation title is very sexy." 

- "Anyone want to pass out because of how warm the room is right now?" 

- "I saw this cop shouting at a cab driver - "You f*cking idiot, don't do that again!". That's an example of informal cautioning by the police." (it should be noted that the professor that said this looks like a cuddly teddy bear) 

- "It's the end of term and there are still half of you here, it's amazing!" 

- "If you have bad handwriting, then uh, work on it over break. You don't want to irritate your examiners." 

- "We wouldn't make you write a bibliography at the end of your exam paper. We don't want to make you cry too hard in the exams."
With Love, 
Daphne x