humans might be 65% water...


...and water and oils might not mix, but things have only gotten better after I added oils into my routine a couple years back. The harshest months might have already passed here in London and while some people are starting to put away, I still have a couple of old faithfuls in rotation. 

the hair oils
Many many years ago, I was introduced to hair oils. This was before the oil rage started taking off and my mum would convince me that a little olive oil would help control my coarse, wavy hair. Other than smelling like olives and the occasional 'oh crap, I poured out too much oil' disaster, I must admit that my mum was right. Fast forward several years, proper hair oils started emerging on the market and I finally don't have to keep rummaging around the kitchen after I wash my hair. There are oils targeted at all different types of hair on the market right now, but I would definitely recommend those of you that have dry/coarse and/or wavy/curly hair to try the hair oils. I promise it'll only benefit you. Start with a bit and add more if warranted. Also, stick to applying the product at the ends of your hair, oily scalps are yucky. 

the face oils
I have the typical combination skin - oily t-zone with dry patches riddling my cheek area. I was hesitant, to say the least, when it came to adding oils into my skincare routine. However, I haven't looked back since taking that plunge. Be careful at choosing the right oils targeted towards your skin type, when right, not only will the oils heal the dry patches, elevate old scarrings, it will also help balance out the oily t-zone. Again, start with a couple drops in the palm of your hand and press it into the skin after applying moisturizer. 

the all rounders
My favourite ones, I mean, who doesn't love a multi-use product. If I'm travelling and need to streamline everything (cuz, you know, luggage restrictions and I'm too cheap to buy extra weight), then chances are I'll be opting for the ones in this category. In fact, the jojoba oil was my pick when I went to Switzerland several weeks back. From using it as a body moisturizer, mixing it in with my face moisturizer, and hair oils - this is perfect for those of you that hate the bottle clutter. 

My picks: Simply Supplements Jojoba Oil*, Coconut Oil

the stress relievers
Ah - stress. I, for one, have no idea how to stress relieve. But the past year, I've been consciously monitoring my stress levels and desperately trying not to let it build up to a red warning level. One habit that I've fallen into that seems to have an amazing effect is to burn essential oils some hours before I have to go to bed. Or the periods when I force myself to relax. Or on the days when I need to amp up my de-stressing game, I also mix the lavender-based oils into my lotion to really self-soothe. Really, if I could have a cat, oil burning probably wouldn't be warranted in terms of stress-relieving, but until the day comes, give me all the tea lights. 

My picks: Simply Supplements Lavender Essential Oil*, Neal's Yard De-Stress Oil Blend

Long gone are the days of rummaging around the kitchen, olive oil can be reserved for salads as technology has produced oils that are made for slathering on the human skin without smelling like food. Have you incorporated oils into your beauty life yet? 

With Love, 
Daphne x

*products were provided for PR consideration but it does not afflict my views on them. For full disclosure, see here