i never expected to like you this much.


This is going to sound insanely stupid - but sometimes I buy things thinking that meh, I suppose it's okay. I'm not going to love it, but I won't hate it either. WHY NOT RISK GOING BROKE BUYING IT. Please don't ask me to explain it, I don't understand my logic 90% of the time. But this is also an opportunity for one to be pleasantly surprised - always better than being disappointed, right? Anyway, there are a couple of products that I have in my stash that I didn't expect to like that much but have turned out to be some firm favourites. 

Look at that shattered beauty. I wasn't big on highlighters until theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer came into my life. There's a reason there's a huge cult following around this - I would even put out the bold statement that this is so much better than the hype is portraying it to be. When used with a light hands, it's subtly natural, adding some glow back into the lackluster days; applied more generously, some serious I am that amazing, thank you glow will be going on. The powder is ridiculously soft, I'm convinced that there are angel wings being crushed to produce this texture. But on the flipside, it means that it's fragile to a point where it should constantly be in a bubble wrap. 

The Seventeen Trio in In the Nude was something that was picked up on a whim and I had absolutely no high hopes for. But it's quickly becoming my go to - you can't go wrong with three neutral shades. This doesn't crease and holds up to 6+ hours when used over a primer. There's subtle shimmer throughout the colours that'll add some dimension to the eyes while still toned down enough for people to hesitate when deciding if you're wearing makeup or not. 

With mascara prices hiking up to the £10 price mark in the drugstores, it's easy to turn your nose up at a mascara that costs less than £2. I mean, there must be something toxic in it that'll eat away all my lashes, right? I am so glad I was wrong. I've repurchased the Natural Collection Lash Lengthen Mascara twice already as it gives a gorgeous natural look. Plus, at £1.99, going through tubes of this by piling on layers as it doesn't clump makes it easier on the bank account. 

Last but not least, how many times have I mentioned the NARS Tinted Moisturizer since I got it last summer? I was in desperate need of a new base when I picked this up, although I was aware of the hype around it. I must say, I was not convinced that I would like this more than I liked any other base I had in my arsenal. But this has definitely been a game changer as I've started opting for lighter bases since I fell completely head over heels with this. I never thought that I could wear a tinted moisturizer as I was convinced I was going to look like the surface of a fried egg within hours of application. But complete with a higher coverage than I expected and looking amazing at minimal effort, I've been tempted to pick this up in my winter shade a couple dozen times already. I'm throwing myself a mental party at the times I've resisted that splurge. 

I have stupid logic that will leave me broke some day, but I'm always glad to be pleasantly surprised by some purchases I thought would be meh. What are some of the products that you never expected to like that much? 
With Love, 
Daphne x