cocktail reviews: lipstick bits #1


Riiiiight, so some of you sharp eyes might have noticed that despite (mainly) being a beauty blog or at least trying to be, I don't post as many reviews as I should. This is mainly down to a) anxiety that I've left out something crucial in my review, b) I usually do as I don't always proofread before I post (I know, it's terrible. Fight me.), and mainly c) I don't have the attention span. But I'm trying to inch up the quality of my posts, rather than it just being full of word vomit (am I'm demonstrating right now). So starting small, I'm starting a new series of what I'm calling Cocktail Reviews, which is basically mini reviews. 

Today, I'm grouping up the higher end lip products I've been reaching for at the moment and giving you a quick overview on them. I'm also trying to include actual swatches, so apologies in advance for shoving my face at you. 

MAC Speak Louder (£15.50): I've had this lipstick for a couple years now but have never warmed up to it until lately. A fuschia pink that looks like it has a strong undertone in the bullet, it doesn't translate to be that cool toned upon application. It's pigmented enough for one layer to have great colour payoff but can also be built up if you want a more opaque finish. I've worn this up to seven hours without drying me out. This lipstick holds up to normal snacking and water drinking, but not when you want to smush your face into a burger. But what I really like about this is that it's a bright, perky colour, while not being loud and in your face. You know, that subtle drama flair that I crave. 
Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick in Fiend (£15.50): Let's just ignore how unfocused my eyes are in this photo, m'kay? Much appreciated. I don't talk about this lipstick often enough to express just how much I love everything about it. Everything from the packaging, formula, to the colour and price point. Ridiculously pigmented and completely opaque with one layer, it wears really well throughout the day and is almost hydrating. Fiend is a mauvey pink that's great for wearing with any look. Plus, I think this is one of the best lipstick lines that you can get for this mid-range price point. Yes, I said it, better than MAC. 

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Rosy (£19.50): Definitely the in-between shade compared to the other two. This has been my low-key bold lip choice as of late. I find that warm-toned lipsticks sit more in harmony with my skintone, while the cooler toned ones tend to really make a statement, even when it's low key. Anyway, Rosy is a gorgeous coral pink that's really easy to wear and can be blotted down to more of a stain. This is another shade that wears really well for 4-5 hours, it can stand up to snacking and drinking, but probably not a burger. 

I've come to realize that I wear a lot of grey...Have you tried any of these lip colours before? What has been your lip colours lately? And most importantly, for me, feedback time! Are these lip swatches helpful? Or would you guys prefer arm swatches? In other words, does my awkward face photos annoy you? 
With Love, 
Daphne x