don't ever leave me.


Yes, will you look at that. That's what a finished pan product looks like. Repurchasing a product is a rare event for me. Repurchasing a makeup product is even more rare. If it's an high end product, then it's only happened once. Until now.

The Bobbi Brown Corrector (£19) has been a long love of mine. It is already a makeup bag staple, which, considering how much of a commitment-phobe I am, is a rare event. I started panicking months back when the metal bottom started taking up a larger ratio than the actual product. I didn't even hesitate on finding a cheaper dupe or see if I could live without it (I could, I just really, really, really don't want to), but I consciously forced myself to not repurchase it then. I wanted to wait till it was hanging on its last legs, I wanted to be able to stick to Operation One In One Out as much as I could. 

The waiting paid off. The product was running dangerously low when I found myself in duty free, sleep deprived and preparing to tackle Switzerland with storm. I was travelling with a friend at the time and is it just me, but I always feel guilty for dragging around a male companion when I'm shopping. My friend was a bit hesitant when I asked if we could stop at the shops, but when I was in and out of the Bobbi Brown counter in a matter of short minutes, it was safe to say he was more than shocked. There was only one thing on my mind - I NEEDED THE CORRECTOR. I almost wept with joy when I opened the package when we were waiting to board our flight. A new corrector waiting for me to corrupt and use it. Life was good again. 
I've officially scraped the last bits of the product from my old corrector the other day - there is literally nothing left. The new one is already in commission and has gained its own seat in my makeup bag. But I'm almost hesitant on throwing away the, er, corpse as I've already formed an emotional attachment to it. Welp! 

I haven't been without the Bobbi Brown Corrector since the first day I got it a couple years ago and I couldn't imagine being without it. Don't you ever dare leave me, I will hunt you down if you do. Not stalkerish at all. 

Do you have a product that you don't ever want to be without? 
With Love, 
Daphne x