that red lip classic thing.


It took me a long while to get into red lipstick. But that red lip classic thing  is just something I think every girl should at least dabble into before deciding that it's not their thing. Since it's so classic, finding the 'right' red can be really daunting - despite various claims, it is not one red suits all. Rather than just me shoving my favourite reds in your face, I thought I'd round up some of my favourite girls and have them tell you what their perfect red is. 

Hanh | Hanhabelle
I used to think red lips were for street walkers and women over 30 *don't judge me* safe to say, a slick of red lipstick is pretty much now a wardrobe classic much like a leather jacket and white tee. When I feel like going crimson, I'm partial to a glossy red as my lips are quite dry. One of my favs has to be Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple - it's super soft, easy to build up colour and you don't need mad precision skills when applying. It's a nice cherry red that's not too overpowering on my yellow toned skin. Slick of liner and clean base - I'm good to go. 

Ilia | Ilia's Cup of Tea

I think finding your perfect red lipstick is like finding the perfect pair of jeans: a long journey of trial and error. I have finally found a red that suits me, is creamy and long lasting! The Colour Riche Exclusive collection by L’Oreal features a lot of different reds for different skin tones and I went for the one “by” Eva Longoria (I use the term “by” loosely as I'm sure it wasn’t her to have created it) as we've both got the same skin tone. I think it’s a very classy red because it’s not too cool or too warm and it goes wonderfully with a black winged cat-eye. You can dress it down with a nice denim shirt or dress it up by wearing a little black dress and some fancy heels.

It is a very creamy formula and therefore doesn't dry out your lips too much but it doesn't smudge either when you eat or drink. Overall I think it’s a great red for warmer toned skin that is long lasting and moisturizing at the same time!  

Jaye | Bed in the Kitchen
It takes a big occasion for me to crack out the red lipstick, since, in all honesty, I'm terrified of it. I’m aware that it’s completely irrational to be scared of a lipstick, but I definitely am. I feel like red lipstick washes me out a lot, highlights my dark under eyes and pasty complexion, so it’s always used with lashings of high coverage concealer and bronzer. I tend to go for a red lip when my hair is up, I’m not really sure why, either a messy side braid or bun. My go to is the NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick in Cruella, which has all the properties I look for in a red lip, it’s matte, long lasting and not too drying. I tend to opt for slightly darker reds, since full-on pillarbox reds just don't suit me, and the fact that this is a pencil makes it super easy to apply!

Jenn | A Beautiful Zen
I didn't know I was looking for a red lipstick until I tried on NYX's matte lipstick in the aptly named, Perfect Red. The color is literally stunning. Case in point, I had arrested a small child in a gaze so deep, I was worried she had petrified. She finally broke off the perma-stare when she turned to her mom and out-loud-whispered "Mom, that lady's lips are REALLY red." Yes child, yes they are. 

People may shy away from a bold red. Stopping small children on the street isn't always the safest thing to do but Perfect Red is so incredibly audacious, it's hard not to love. You can dabble with some sheer shades of red here and there. Sure, play it safe now and then. But at the end of the day, a red, like crossing the street in Thailand, is something where you've got to take your life in your hands and commit to. Wear it loud, wear it proud, and rock that color like no other.

Natalie | Salt & Sail
As with all makeup it takes a little while to figure out what shades suit your skin tone, especially when toying around with a red lip. I know tons of people swear by the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 as their go-to, but I'm sad to admit it's not the best match for my pale, yellow-toned skin and super dry lips. After dabbling around in the collection a bit more, though, I've finally found a red that better fits my look, personality, and lifestyle. Not too dark or drying, the shade 09 is my perfect berry-toned red that exudes sophistication and confidence without losing its playfulness by veering too far into the "classic" red lip category. The creaminess and opacity lends itself to a bright bold look, and the satin finish and berry tones are flattering against my skin. I like pairing this shade with grungy chic looks, monochromatic simplicity, and festive nights out, so it's my ultimate bold makeup bag multitasker!

Shari | The Misty Mom

My favorite red lipstick at the moment is not your daytime, bright cheery red - it's the deep, looks-like-old-blood, you-look-intimidating kind of red which I've found in Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope's Entourage. It goes on smooth and velvety but it has this effect that makes your lips look 'oomph', like you had a lip injection during your lunch break. I always feel so 'powerful' wearing this maybe because I get looks from non-makeup lovers that seem like they just saw Ghostface from Scream pass by. But yes, this is my favorite red at the moment.

Sheri | Behind the Frames 

Dayum gurl. No seriously, that's what I think when I see other people sporting a red lip. Something about red lips just makes me feel instantly classy and FABULOUS *tosses hair*. (No? Just me?) Having lips as dry as the Sahara, I'm not a big fan of matte reds but lean more towards the comfortable, satin or moisturizing red lipsticks. Personally, I just really love any lipstick with a sheen and how it adds a hint of juicy-ness. What will probably remain my favourite red lippie for a long time is the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday. It has great pigmentation and because it has strong pinky tones, I find it really wearable and flattering. 

When Daph recruited me to be part of this A-Team, I flipped because I don't really wear red lipstick but at the same time, THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT MY FAVOURITE RED LIPSTICK THAT I LIKE TO PULL OUT AND WEAR IN THE COMFORT OF MY HOME.


Which is a bit of a shame because it was limited edition, but man does this lipstick make me feel like a ~badass~. 'Mrs Mia Wallace' is described as a "deep blood red", and when I wear this at full opacity, I feel like Daenerys Targaryen in that scene where she feasts on that organic/free range horse heart. But of course, I rarely wear it at full opacity, choosing to dab it on and build up until it reaches opacity similar to the photo above. Like other UD lipsticks, the formula is creamy and pigmented, and it leaves behind a very pretty berry stain after the lipstick comes off. The only real gripe I have with this lipstick though, IS THE ROUND BULLET. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET INTO THE CORNERS? WHO EVEN THOUGHT ROUND BULLETS WERE A GOOD IDEA? Other than that, I'm off to wallow in regret over not picking up another tube.

Before dabbling into the world of makeup, who knew there could be approximately 892 shades of red on the market? Go bold, go sheer; matte or glossy, it's a long journey of trial and error but hopefully, you'll find that one power red for you. What's your favourite red lipstick?
With Love, 
Daphne x

Special thanks to the fabulous ladies that helped me put together this post: Hanh, Ilia, Jaye, Jenn, Natalie, ShariSheri, and Vanessa