[my two cents] hand luggage only.


It's no secret that I've done my fair share of travelling. I'm fortunate enough that my dad loves jetsetting off to different destinations and I'm usually the designated travelling companion as no one else in the family is that keen on spending long hours on the plane. No complaints from me. The passport stamps have only increased since moving to London near two years ago. Various passports and custom stamps later, I've gotten pretty good at packing and thought that I'd share some tips with you guys as I'm sure some of you are going away for vacation in the next following months. If not, then this is always a good post to dogear and keep in mind the next time you plan to fly off somewhere. 

A good suitcase makes all the difference: okay, not really a tip, but a good suitcase really makes all the difference. I always had cheaper ones in the past and didn't really feel the difference until my mum gave me the Victorinox Swiss Army Avolve 20 Carry On Suitcase when I went home last summer. Not only are the wheels ridiculously smooth, the compartments in the suitcase allows me to separate my travel documents and electronics from the main compartment, making passing security a lot easier. Plus, the light suitcase means that you have to worry less about it going over the weight limit, while the roomy compartment means you have more space for your stuff. 

Plan your luggage around your itinerary: Always check the weather of where you're going when you pack. The weather will obviously be critical when you're picking out what to bring. Next up, plan according to your itinerary - chances are you won't be needing a pair of heels if there isn't a fancy dinner event; or five different shades of red lipstick if you're going to spend most your days lounging at the beach. Make a list and stick to that list when you're packing. 

Recycling Outfits: I tend to opt for basics when I travel just so I can mix and match depending on how I'm feeling that day. I usually pack my tops according to how many days I'm going to spend abroad as well, sweaty tops are not the best recycling material. But if I'm going away for less than 10 days, 2 pairs of bottoms and maybe a skirt is the most I'll bring. To prevent basic outfits looking too bland and repetitive, I opt to bring accessories like a couple pair of sunglasses or a necklace to add some variety. Also always bring a lightweight scarf. ALWAYS. 

Makeup?: This is completely up to personal preferences. Some people still like to wear a full face makeup when travelling, but I'm someone that will try and streamline what I bring. A rule that I always like to follow is only pack the things that I've been using on a daily basis, opting for multiuse products, for example, I packed the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette when I went to Poland and got creative by using the eyeshadows to contour, highlight, and even set my under eye concealer. I tend to bring products that don't require brushes and if possible, cheaper options, just in case I forget to bring it back. 

Pack those liquids in a clear makeup bag: Pretty straightforward, that way you won't have to fumble to transfer the liquids scattered in your luggage to a plastic baggie when you're waiting for security. Plus, clear makeup bags that you can get under £5 at Superdrug are great as unlike plastic baggies, you can reuse them multiple times and the zipper means you have to worry less about spilled liquids contaminating the whole suitcase. 

You have more space than you think: There's a lot of crooks and crannies in your suitcase and between the things that you've chucked in. Smaller items like socks and underwear is great to really utilise that space. Just pretend it's a huge 3D jigsaw puzzle. In rare cases, you might have a lot of space left over - resist the urge to throw more things in. It's okay to have an empty suitcase, it just means more space to bring stuff back. 

I totally forgot something: That uneasy feeling that you've always forgotten something when you finished packing. I always make sure that I have my travel documents in paper and the electronic file already predownloaded on my phone just in case there's a mixup and I don't have internet access. Then making sure I have adapters and chargers packed, I run through a normal day in my head and see if I have everything that I need. Chances are, you'll have everything already packed, but just in case you're still worried, an app like Packpoint is great as it generates a packing list for you according to the destination weather and your itinerary.  

Not a comprehensive list on telling you how to pack, but there are enough information on the 'fold or roll' debate so I don't have to pitch in my two cents. Plus, I'm still not sure as of date which one is more efficient. I tend to flit between the two, depending on what I'm feeling like. I thought I'd pitch in my two cents on some packing tips that I've picked up along the way. What are some of your packing tips? 

With Love, 
Daphne x