[the haul] when in poland.


It was safe to say I was more than ecstatic when I found out they had Sephora in Poland. After passing a Sephora on almost every street corner and managing to not drag my friend in there each time, I was finally rewarded for my patience when he took me to a massive mall my last afternoon there. A part of it was because he knew I was itching to get my hands on some new makeup, and another was simply because the air conditioning in the mall was a relieving change to the 34 degree weather outside. 

I completely forgot that Inglot was a Polish brand so I might have screeched mid-sentence and dragged my friend when I saw the Inglot store. I wasn't in need of any new eyeshadows but after hearing so my hype around it and having a tiny swatch fest in store, I couldn't pass up the chance to snap up three shadows as they're ridiculously cheap and the quality is insane. Plus, I am slightly, sorta in love with the packing of these freedom palettes. I picked up AMC 135, AME 160 and Pearl 397. I'd tell you which shade was which, but I forgot to make notes and they're ridiculously hard to take out of the packaging. 

Next, onto the main destination. Being slightly on a makeup slump lately, I only went in Sephora to get the infamous Sephora Lip Cream Lip Stain. I was almost put off buying it because of the heavy fake cake smell that was starting to give me a headache. But after walking around with the swatch of 03 Strawberry Kissed - a bright pinky red, on the back of my hand and falling in love with it, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the smell will go away after application. 

I wasn't planning on getting anything else...that was until I saw the Marc Jacobs stand. This is literally what happened, I pretty much swatched eight shades of red on the inside of my arm (when I was wearing a white t-shirt!) and walked over to the perfume section where my friend was having a huge sniff fest, stuck out my arm and asked for his opinion. Turned out we both liked the shame bright red shade and if I was more organised, I would have swatched the shades in some kind of order. But no, I had to go back and literally try to colour match the swatch to the lipstick before finding out that the shade that I fell in love with was Le Marc Lip Creme in Oh Miley! When I went to my friend with the swatches of red lipstick, I had swatched the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.3 in 108 The Glam on the back of my hand, not intending to ask for my friend's opinion or even buy the palette. Because as gorgeous as it was, I just did not need a new eyeshadow palette. But my friend saw the swatches and all but shoved the palette into my hands demanding that I needed to buy it. I haven't properly played around with this palette yet as I've been mesmerised by the Inglot palette since coming back, but I cannot deny how ridiculously gorgeous the packaging and eyeshadows are. I'll report back soon. 

I think I did a pretty good job at refraining from buying the whole Marc Jacobs stand when I was in Sephora. Plus, the fact that I didn't get a larger Inglot Palette deserves a pat on the back. 
With Love, 
Daphne x