cocktail reviews: the drugstore bits #3


After sticking to the same makeup routine for the past couple months, I finally did a shakeup of my makeup collection the other week and pulled out some bits and bobs that were sitting in the 'to use' pile. Of the three things, one has been a major hit, another one that I seem to be on relatively good terms with, and the last one being a bit eh. 

Maybe it's the whole strobing trend that's going on lately, but I've been really digging the whole highlighting like you're going to be the next archangel thing. While I'm more than smitten with theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer, but the small fact that I accidentally smashed it makes it a bit inconvenient to travel with. This is where the Collection Gorgeous Glow Palette (£2.99) in Bronze Block comes in. Oh my lord, this thing is absolutely gorgeous. I use the two lighter colours to achieve that 'yes, I am healthy and happy and fabulous' glow. It's a beautiful sheen that instantly adds dimension to the skin. Not for someone that wants a subtle glow, the highlighting power of this can par with the Mary Lou-Manizer. The darker shades in the palette can be used for eyeshadows as well. And for the price? I'm tempted to snatch up the Blush Block as well, even though I probably won't use it half as much as I'm using this bronzy version. 

One that I'm on relatively good terms with is the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain (£8.99) in Shanghai Sizzle. I picked this up on a whim when it was on offer and I was craving a change from my usual bold, opaque lipsticks. It took me some time to get used to the formula of this, but after figuring out how to apply this, I've been really enjoying this low maintenance, subtle red lip. The key is to apply a bit in the center of the lips and smoothing it out with fingers. Building up the colour in thin layers, always remember to resist the urge to smack your lips together immediately after. I give it a minute or two before I give in to the urge as any time before that would just result the colour to mush around and be uneven. 

I was a major fan of the Maybelline Lash Sensational so it only seemed reasonable I tried the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof (£7.99). Well, the waterproof, like all the other waterproof offerings from Maybelline, they really live up to the claim. I've walked through enough rainshowers to know that this will stay in place. This is relatively easy to remove if you use an oil-based makeup remover, but that's the problem for me. I'm not too fond of using oil-based removers around the eye area. Moreover, it seems the formula for the waterproof version is more clumpy than the original. I find myself struggling more and eventually going in with my fingers to remove the mascara clumps when I use this mascara. The results after the labourers process is still beautiful, but it's too much effort unless I know I am going to be cutting up onions or going on a walk in the rain sans umbrella that day.  

If there's one thing you're going to take away from this post is to go to a Collection stand and the Collection Gorgeous Glow Palette. You'll thank me later. I'm pretty sure that the highlight brick will continue to stick around my makeup bag for the next couple months while the Maybelline mascara is probably going to go back in the 'only when I have to' pile. 

Have you tried any of these products before?
With Love, 
Daphne x

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