an unexpected love.


For someone that's pretty content with her makeup collection, I've been restlessly expanding my lipstick stash. Most of the newly accumulated lipsticks were quite 'typical' colours, but then I stumbled upon this video from Emily Fox. First of all, this girl can pull of just about any lipstick colour and look amazing. Secondly, I hope this doesn't come off as excessively creepy, but the way she puts on lipstick is mesmerising???? I'm so digging my own grave... 

Anywho.  As I'm painfully conscious of the size of my lipstick army, it takes quite a bit for a lipstick to impress me and make me want to buy it. But I literally gasped when I saw Emily's swatch of MAC Flat Out Fabulous (£15.50). I never knew I needed a bright purple-pink lipstick in my life until that day. I had planned on waiting a couple weeks till I was in duty free to get this, but after trying it on at a MAC counter, patience be damned as I was unable to walk away with this shade. 
I'm 94.6% sure I was in the midst of talking to myself when the shutter went off. 
Described by MAC as a 'bright plum matte', I don't that description fully embraces how unique this colour is. A bright magenta shade, the purple tones of this lipstick is made wearable by the pink base it has. My lips are naturally quite pink, so it does tones down the purple, making it slightly less daunting, but still enough to counteract the yellow tint I have and brighten up my complexion. That said, I'm tempted to pick up a slightly purple-y lipliner to wear underneath this shade.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous is a retro matte finish, so it is quite drying. But it also means that there's minimal transfer and the longevity is amazing. The lazy girl in me adores matte lipsticks for this precise reason. But it's one of those lipsticks that require a slathering of lip balm, and if you have flaky lips, a good scrub before application. 

Not everyone's cup of tea, I didn't expect to fall for MAC Flat Out Fabulous as hard as I did. But good gracious, chocolate chip cookies, I think I might have a new favourite lipstick. 

Oh, before I sign off. QUESTION. Are MAC lipstick collections still a thing these days? Like, would anyone be interested in it? Or are there any other lipstick posts that you guys would want to read? Because I keep thinking that I talk way too much about lipstick, but I keep hearing whisperings for lipstick posts??????? TELL ME, MY CRICKETS. HELP THIS LOST SHEEP. Alright, I think my desperation is showing. I should bid you farewell before I start sounding pathetic. 
With Love, 
Daphne x