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It's not a secret that I like my bright colours, and I've always embraced them with open arms come the colder months in the past years. This year, I'm finding myself gravitating towards the darker shades and with the temperature dropping, I've started introducing some transitional lipstick shades to pair with my blanket scarves. 

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Lipstick in 220 Unattainable (£25): If there's the perfect bright autumnal shade, it would probably be this one. This would be the shade that's easing me into more plumy shades and well, let's just apologise to my already withering bank account in advance. It still has a strong red undertone, which, funnily enough, makes it more within my comfort zone as opposed to something like MAC Plumful - which I still want to try. I've only tried a handful of Estee Lauder lipsticks before but none of them disappointed. Unattainable was no different. A comfortable lipstick that packs a punch of pigment and with a satin finish? So up my alley. Combined with 'white mug safe' non-transferring quality? This might become one of my most favourite lipsticks this season. Oh, did I also mention that it has a magnetic lid as well? 

Er..yes, my lips do look parched. They were slightly. I blame it on having the plague cough from hell.
MAC Lipstick in Twig (£15.50): The amount of neutral lipsticks I own is almost pitiful when compared to the army of brights. Twig, a beautiful medium rose pink with a soft brown undertone, is the latest addition to the small family and one that's quickly becoming my most reached for. This is a satin finish, meaning there's a soft dimension that prevents the lipstick from looking too flat upon application but nowhere close to having a sheen. It's staying power is quite good, lasting around 4-5 hours with routine mug action. There is slight transfer, but I find it can be kept to a minimum if you use a tissue to blot the excess oils away when applying the lipstick. It's not a hydrating formula, but it's not drying either. My lips were pretty dehydrated when I took this photo, but it doesn't emphasise the patches as you can see. Lip lines are visible, but nothing a good hydrating lip balm can't solve. All in all, Twig has been my go to pick for when I want a neutral lip option the past several weeks. 

I have no posing mojo.
Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Rule Breaker (£4.49): Of course I needed to include a drugstore option. The Seventeen Stay Pout lipsticks are probably one of the most underrated ones from the drugstore. A satin with a slight sheen finish and comfortable to wear, these lipsticks stay put for a good 5-6 hours. Minimal snacking, yes, full on meal, probably not. Transfer occurs, but it's quite even so no awkward colour rings. Rule Breaker is a beautiful deep plum shade with a tint of red. Slightly darker than the other two picks, this one goes on pretty bold with the first layer, so not one that you'd want to try out if you're 'easing into things'. There's no scent to these lipsticks, which seems to be a rarity amongst drugstore options these days. That combined with the satin finish, you really can't get anything similar or better than the Seventeen Stay Pout Lipsticks at this price point. 

Lipstick has been my love the past year and it's going to be a continuing love affair as it's probably the easiest way to change up a look. "It's a love story, baby just say yes." What have been your transitional lipsticks this season? 
With Love, 
Daphne x

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