current hair favourites.


My hair is stubborn. It's naturally wavy and refuses to straighten without loads of hard work. But once you finally dedicate time and effort to straighten it, it'll stubbornly stay (relatively) straight. It's also stubbornly frizzy and refuses to be tamed. Unfortunately, this is a battle that I'm still strategically figuring out how to win. I mean, methods other than popping on a hat and pretending all is fine with the world. So uh, yeah, that's why hair products are rarely mentioned. But I'm itching to do something different today so let's talk hair. 

I'm quite picky with my shampoo while not being that picky at the same time. Like, I stick to getting the range that's on sale from the brands I know. Does that make sense?Anyway, I've been feeling adventurous lately and strayed from my usual picks. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo*. It's marketed for people with dandruff, but I personally quite like it as it almost acts like a clarifying shampoo without being stripping. 

The Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner* is a nice alternative to my usual heavy hair conditioners. I was skeptic about this at first as it is quite light and I wasn't sure it was going to pack enough punch to deal with my stubborn hair. But this works as well as, if not better than my usual conditioners as it's easier to wash out while being equally moisturising. 

I still drench my hair with the John Frieda Leave-In Conditioner (£5.89) even after leaving my normal conditioner in for 3-5 minutes in the shower. Simply because it makes my hair extra soft while preventing it from tangling when I sleep. 

I'm quite low maintenance with hair styling. Meaning that I'll maybe curl some bits of my hair if it's looking particularly fluffy, but nothing fancy. The Redken Rough Paste 12 (£16.30) mixed in with a dallop of the Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine (£20.50) is the perfect styling combination. The former adds some grip and defining texture to my hair while the latter gives you that tousled look but adding some shine. I have a whole review on the Brilliantine here and the shine that it gives is glaringly obvious in the before and after photos. 

My hair is peculiarly stubborn, so I'm sure these products will work on normal hair if they already perform wonder mine. I mean, I'd probably tone it down a notch and not spray half a bottle of the leave-in conditioner in one go, but these are all star products that I would recommend to anyone looking for something new. What are the hair products you've been enjoying lately?    
With Love, 
Daphne x