i love you so much, i broke you.


Not having the best DIY record, I'm usually quick to replace something once it shows the slightest sign of tear. But there are certain products that I just can't bring myself to replace as I've developed a sentimental bond with the broken ones.

The Ecotools Blush Brush was one of my first ever brushes and I can't bring myself to part ways with it, regardless of the tiny fact that it's been slaughtered at the waist. The kitten-fur soft bristles combined with the shape and size of the brush makes it the perfect blush brush that squashes all the other blush brushes I've tried when I was still foolishly trying to find a replacement for the Ecotools offering. I think they've repackaged the brushes now and the new ones have a slanted brush, which I'm less in love with. So for the time being, I'm still sticking to this broken one.

It wasn't until I started noticing my hairs being plucked out every time I curled my lashes did I realise the deep gap in the rubber bit of my Eyeko Lash Curlers (£12). I've routinely used these over my Shu Uemura ones for the past couple years as it holds a curl and the rubber padding is a lot softer than the Japanese brand, making it slightly easier on the eyes. However, the gap that's routinely ripping out my lashes means that I need to go back to using the Shu Uemura ones (which are still great - don't get me wrong).

Moving onto the fun bits, makeup! I don't know how I forgot to photograph this one, but theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer (£17.49) has made it's shattered appearance on the blog more than a couple times. A highlighter that'll give you a heavenly glow, I don't even know how I managed to shatter this little one as I've been extremely careful with it. Note that this should be taken care of with extreme caution, and by that I mean, constantly bubblewrapped while wearing infant gloves. Not even kiddy gloves, infant gloves. Yes, quite some hassle, but oh my, the effect is so worth it.

If you've watched my MAC lipstick collection video to the very end, you've witnessed the tragic beheading of MAC Peach Blossom (£15.50).  It literally, snapped in two when I attempted to do a proper arm swatch. The things I do for you guys. I've tried the melt and reattach method, but it's snapped again since and basically, I think I need to set this one to the retirement home soon. Or go in with a lip brush.

Another lipstick, MAC See Sheer (£15.50) is a messy one. I'm not sure if it's the particular tube I have or if lustre finishes have a softer formula, but my tube is literally, a leaning tower of Pisa. Or like a kid stepping into mud and leaving their tracks everywhere as I have melted lipstick all over the insides of the tube. It's a makeup massacre.

These are all products that have the markings of time and wear on them, but it also means that they've been well-loved. Some, I can keep using and finding ways to try and fix. Others, sadly, I'll need to ditch as to save the eyelashes I have left. What are some products that you've loved so much, you've broken? 
With Love, 
Daphne x