i will always love you.


...or at least in the foreseeable future and onwards. 'Always' is an empty promise that's more often abused than followed. It's called being practical. These stubborn loves have stood firm through the influx of new products and changes in product taste. It's very unlikely that these products will lose their dominant position in my beauty routine any time soon. 

The Bobbi Brown Corrector (£19) shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that's been stalking SoaD for a while now. I've lost count of the times I've composed sonnets and wrote love poems to this little pot of wonderfulness. I've hit pan on the one that I purchased back in February and am already planning on repurchasing once there's a few scrapes left. This is definitely a must have for all those that have given up on trying to find a concealer that even scarcely covers up the undereye dark pits of purgatory. 

Tarte Exposed ($28) is the blush that I always go back to when I'm feeling frustrated with cheek colouring. I have temperamental skin that has the red inflamed cheeks trademark - even on the days when my skin is ridiculously clear. Which means I have a very fragile relationship with anything that adds colour to my cheeks. But the neutral nude-brown-pink-peach balance in Tarte Exposed reassures me that I can add some life and colour back into my face without looking like I should have a doctor's appointment at the dermatologist. 

I've gone on and on about the Urban Decay Naked Basics (£23) so many times, I got tired of sounding like a broken record and decided to shut up about it this time last year. It's been hard as I'm still very much in love with this simple palette a year later. Eyeshadow palettes come and go, but I'll always go back to this little one no matter what. 

I have a fragrance collection that I'm entirely happy with but the one that stands out is the Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint (£42). This unique scent of spunk and freshness not only has been my go-to scent for spring/summer the past two years, it also carries some of my best summer memories. I erm, attempted to describe the scent here. It kinda paints a picture of the fragrance, but I'd best advise you to put your nose to the test at a Jo Malone counter and prepare to fall in love with it. 

Last but not least, I've tracked down an online shop that ships the John Frieda Leave In Conditioner (£5.89) to Taiwan as I can't imagine being without it. Well, actually I can as I went for around a month without it once. It was horrible. A lightweight leave-in conditioner, I douse my hair in this stuff after washing my hair and I wake up the next day with arguably presentable bed head. Meaning that there's no rat's nest or tangled knots that need to be attacked with a hair brush. On good days, I give my hair a good shake and I'm looking like I spent ages on it. On a bad day? It's still a pretty good day compared to the days before I discovered this drugstore hair product. 

I'm always on the hunt for better products, which means I tend to fall in and out of love with products quite frequently. But there are certain standouts that gets all the gold stars and continue to win my love, securing their top dog position in my beauty collection. These are the products I've waxed lyrical about countless times and will continue to do so. What are some of the products that you will continue to love? Maybe even forever and always? 
With Love, 
Daphne x

where to purchase in Taiwan: Sogo Department Stores - unavailable online (Bobbi Brown + Jo Malone), Beauty Bay (Urban Decay), Feel Unique (John Frieda)