One of the perks of moving (I swear I'm going to stop banging on about moving soon) is that you're forced to go through literally everything you own. And I mean literally. You'll have long afternoons weeping at all the money you threw away for a dress that you literally only wore in the changing room or the half a dozen of white t-shirts that don't seem to hold up in the wash at all. But it's not all sob sessions as you'll rekindle with some old loves that you forgot you had. 

I never forgot I had the battered Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit (£24.50), but I was definitely guilty of pushing it to the side. I go through love-hate phases with this thing, but it's managed to survive three years in my collection and through my regular clear-out sessions. This was the concealer that I used the final weeks leading up to my move. It's creamy, it's full coverage, and comes with a yellow-toned powder that's obviously very well loved. I'm glad that I had my last moments with this old one before I said goodbye to it

I was all about the Tarte Airbrush Foundation ($36) last year (review), but just forgot about it for some absurd reason. I've amended my mistake and placed it back to its rightful place in my makeup bag. It's since been my go to 'quick and easy' everyday base as it properly sets my concealer and evens out my skintone without the hassle of er, liquid management. It does tend to stick to dry patches, so here's hoping that I'll be able to avoid that problem by sticking to my current skincare regime as I really want to continue using this mineral foundation during the colder months. 

I love my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush ($28) in Exposed, but completely put Dollface to the side. I have a complicated relationship with blushes as I have naturally red cheeks so I usually stick to more neutral shades. But Dollface is a beautiful cool-toned pink that adds just enough colour while not being overboard. Plus, this little one seriously lasts all day - or at least till I take off my makeup. 

Last but not least, that tiny little nib was once the Lord and Berry Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil (£12). I can't believe I forgot about my favourite tightlining product. The Lord and Berry offering is soft enough that it won't irritate my eyes, but firm enough that it won't smush all over the place when I stab my lash line with it. It also doesn't smudge throughout the day and leaving me resembling a beaten up panda after a couple hours. 

It's quite nice to be able to completely go through my stash every once in a while. Other than rethinking some life decisions and purging the products that have constantly been gathering dust, it's also nice to rediscover some once-loved-but-forgotten products. Have you done a complete reassessment lately? Did you rediscover any old loves? 
With Love, 
Daphne x