I love lipsticks - actually, that might be an understatement. Lipsticks are my addiction. I'm all about that bold, opaque colour that will last through too many cups of coffee and constant snacking. So I was more than eager to hop on the liquid lipstick train when it first started. It's been over a year since the train left the station and I'm still on the fence. 

First off, liquid lipsticks tick all the boxes when it comes to what I want in a lip product. The colours are insanely opaque, they'll last through rain and sun and constant cups of coffee. Some of the brightest colours I have in my lip collection are the liquid offerings. So what's wrong? 

I'm quite the impatient person. I like my lip colours to fall under the 'paint and go' category. I've even mastered that technique with a red lip - as long as it comes in a chunky pencil or a traditional bullet lipstick. I'm all about that hassle free application free process. Liquid lipsticks? Not so easy. It might be lack of practice and I might be able to master it with time. But for the time being, I'm still on the fence when it comes to these tubes of opaque lip colours as they're just messy to apply. I find it quite hard to get a precise line with the doe-foot applicators and they tend to get very 'smudgy' when I try to correct the lines. A brush, or loads of cotton buds, are usually required to get a precise shape, not a process I would gravitate towards unless the occasion called for it. 

I'm still not giving up on these though. I really like the shades that I have and really want to make this relationship work. I already know what I'm going to be doing next time I have an extra half hour to fix my makeup. Any tips and tricks for applying liquid lipsticks? Where do you fall on the liquid lipstick fence - yay or nay?
With Love, 
Daphne x