15 lessons 2015 taught me.


12 months is short enough to go by in a blink of an eye, but it's also long enough to feel like an eternity. The lessons that life teaches you over the span of 365 days is enough to transform you into a completely different person. I'm still me, but I'm not who I was at the start of the year. 

1. Some things just won't work out - no matter how much you want it to. But that doesn't mean there won't be a better ending. 

2. Timing's a b*tch. 

3. Stop being unrealistically hard on yourself - you're already doing pretty well. 

4. Sometimes you need to be pushed to the breaking point to realise your potential. 

5. Stop waiting for things/people that are stalling - start living your life. They'll catch on if they need to. 

6. Own what you're feeling - even if it terrifies the heck out of you. 

7. Stop trying to deny everything that you can't deal with - it'll only explode in your face afterwards. 

8. Some relationships just can't be forced. 

9. People aren't replaceable - everyone that comes through your life will have their unique influence on you.  

10. The people that are truly important will let you know the way they feel about you in the most honest way. 

11. It's often the small unsaid gestures that speak the loudest volumes. 

12. Trust your gut - it's usually more accurate than your brain. So stop rationalising every tiny detail. 

13. Things can go terribly wrong between you and a person that's incredibly important to you - it'll be awkward for a while and it's going to be hard. But you'll both strive to make things work again because they're important to you, and you to them. 

14. Learn to make humour in a desperate situation - it'll stop you from falling back into that whirlpool of depression and anxiety. It'll also give you inspiration for a creative solution. 

15.  You're book smart, but you're crap at dealing with emotions and life issues - you kinda need to deal with that if you want to have some kind of normal people interaction. 

And as always, an additional life lesson - a diet of chocolate, coffee, with the occasional banana is not good. It's funny how the smallest things can teach you the loudest lessons. 2015 has been 12 months that have had its ups and downs. What were some of the life lessons that you've learned in the past year? 
With Love, 
Daphne x