an innisfree haul


What happens when three of your products run out at the same time and there's an abundance of Korean makeup stores in the near vicinity? You shop.  

I have never really gravitated towards Korean makeup, a lot of it due to the packaging that I came across being well, very pink. I prefer my packaging to be sleek and less 'I'm stuck in a Polly Pocket' - just a personal preference. But then I came across Innisfree - the simple and not pink packaging caught my attention, as well as the bright, open, and very grass-y store front. A little poking into the brand, and I found out that this Jeju Island originated brand is eco-friendly, not only in terms of ingredients, but also the way the company encourages the recycling of packaging. A couple more swatches in store and stalking tutorials online, Innisfree quickly became a brand that I was more than intrigued by. Fast forward to when a handful of my products ran out at the same time, and I had a legitimate excuse to start spending money on the brand. 

The Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam was the first thing that was on my shopping list. I love manual exfoliants as it's quite exciting to feel the grittiness of the scrub between your fingers as you massage it in the face and imagine the fickly dead skin cells just giving away. But for some absurd reason, there isn't a wide browse of manual exfoliants in the regular drugstores in Taiwan. Also, I'm no expert on natural ingredients but volcanic mud is supposed to be really efficient when it comes to deep cleansing. I'm going to give this a good run and see how it works in cleaning out my pollution stuffed pores (Honestly! The air pollution is horrendous here in Taipei!).

I'm not sure if it's also down to the cancer-inducing pollution here in Taipei, but my trusty micellar water just doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore. I've been pondering to go for an oil-based cleanser for some time and I knew I wasn't able to pass up the Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil when I smelt it. It literally smells like juicy apples, and not the fake apple smell either. Like real, drool-inducing apples. I've been using it for just over a week now and not only does it do a superb job at removing my makeup, my skin is ridiculously soft afterwards. 

I've almost run out of my favourite Etude House Drawing Brow Pencil and have the sinking feeling that they're about to discontinue it since I can barely find it anywhere. So I decided to pick up the Eco Brow Pencil while I was already splurging anyways. I'm not sure what makes it eco, or if that's just the brand concept. I'm milking out the last of my current brow pencil before I tear the sealing from this one so I'll report back to see if it's as good or even better than my former Korean brow love. 

Last but not least, I finally jumped on the cushion foundation band wagon. I've been eyeing them up since I was still in London. But I decided to wait until I came back to the Asian island as there's a wider variety here. Plus, you know, less luggage weight. I picked up the Water Glow Cushion after hearing great reviews from my friend. And it's been the only base that I've used for the past couple weeks. I might do a whole review on this if you guys want it, but in short, the coverage of this is just enough to even out the skin tone. And there's an iffy shade range (I have the darkest shade available and it's a tad too light). But it's ridiculously convenient and lightweight on the skin - like lighter than my beloved NARS Tinted Moisturiser. The finish of this is also hydrating and glowy. There are other lines in the brand's cushion foundation that I would like to try some time in the future. 

It was a small but satisfying haul. I've since gone into the Innisfree shops a couple more times than necessary, but I've been good. I haven't bought anything as I'm trying to take control of my bank account and be more responsible towards my makeup collection. Have you tried anything from the brand before? 
With Love, 
Daphne x