favourite posts of 2015.


I did a roundup of the 2014 crowd pleasers at the start of the year, and although I've published a significant smaller amount of posts, it's still nice to see a annual capsule of the blog. As usual, thank you for listening to me babble on and on about makeup and things that are going on or not going on in my life. I still find it quite surreal that there are people willing to listen to nonsense that doesn't even make sense to me sometimes, and thank you for indulging me to talk about the products I probably shouldn't have spent all my money on. 
that red lip classic thing: the post in which I round together my favourite ladies in the blogging sphere and ask them to share their favourite red lipsticks. I don't think I've had a prettier nor badass post. 

cocktail reviews: lipstick bits #1: the post where I start giving into my lipstick obsession. There are also three more installments of the cocktail reviews, with only #3 drifting away from the lipstick theme. 

stop telling me i look tired: the post where I get slightly delirious over my caffeine addiction and have a small rant over how a good intention of 'you look tired' can often be a slap in the face. (also awkward to crop photo #1 - and can we talk about how well behaved my hair looks in this one????)

that lisa eldridge pinpoint concealing: aka the time I stopped using concealer all over my face. 

this or that: NARS tinted moisturiser v. Dior BB Cream: the one where I try to save your wallets and compare the two expensive bases. 

an unexpected love: if anyone asked me the definition of love at first sight, I'd tell them the story of how I met this lipstick. 

the highlighter roundup: did anyone not fall victim to the highlighting craze that swept the beauty world the past year? 

MAC lipstick collection: the post where you guys indulge my bad MAC lipstick obsession. It's also filled with ridiculous scenarios for when you should wear certain colours. I had low blood sugar when I typed the post - I warned you. 

top ten: everyday lipsticks - drugstore edition: more justification of my horrendous lipstick collection. Also I step away from the brights and bolds, and go nude for a while. NOT THAT KIND OF NUDE. UGH. 

14 lessons 2014 taught me & hello, 2015: I'm sneaking in a personal favourite, deal with it. Okay, so one of these posts was technically from last year, but it's a 2-parter and I loved both of these posts. Life lessons and aspirations. (slightly awkward to crop photo #2)

hey, younger me: where I get sentimental about growing older and list the what ifs for when I get that time machine that should've already been invented by now. (awkward to crop photo #3)

thought process: when you discover a new blog: the post that inspired me to create a nonsense tag and rant about how every blog should have an 'about me' page. 

the uni bits: because I'm a huge nerd that's spent my whole life in school. A series that has both nonsense and serious stuff. 

the travel bits - switzerlandwarsaw, the best christmas present: because I'm that person that needs to document everything or it didn't happen (seriously - evidenced by the stack of journals I've gone accumulated in my lifetime) 

It's been quite the journey - I expanded this blog more into the lifestyle sphere the past year. I've realised I needed to have SoaD more like my online journal to keep myself balanced. It's acted as an escape from the reality for me, and I'm glad that you guys seem to be enjoying this transition. This was a blog that started out with a clear theme, it's kinda wandered away from the core sphere but that's the way it goes, yeah? 
With Love, 
Daphne x