the ones that got my heart pounding.


I love makeup, but I'm rarely excited by makeup anymore. Yes, it is as sad as it sounds. Let me explain. I do still get happy when I try out products that I end up liking, but very rarely do I use a product and have that 'butterflies in my stomach, where have you been all my life, the nutella to my strawberry' excitement. I say that, but I've rounded up the six products that got my heart pounding. 

Let's start with the one that really inspired this post. I've gone on and on about MAC Flat Out Fabulous (£15.50) (swatch) in just about every other post since I got it back in September. I literally could not put this down when I got it and worn it about a week straight before I painfully decided that some of my other lipsticks needed attention. To say I'm in love with this purple-pink lipstick would be an understatement - in fact, I'm not quite sure how to explain my obsession with this little one. Already perfection on it's own, this lipstick can rule the whole pink to purple spectrum when mixed and layered with other lipsticks and lip liners. 
Probably the first lipstick that really got my heart beating like I almost had a heart attack is MAC All Fired Up (£15.50) (swatch). It's been in my collection since the year before and it's a shade that I won't hesitate to repurchase when I finish up the tube I have. I accidentally dropped it once and I might have knelt over the stain on my floor while having a mourning session. Might have. This is the shade that started my obsession with pinky reds and I'm more than grateful for it. 
Another lipstick, because I'm that person, but the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme ($30) (worn here) in Oh Miley! quickly became one of my favourite reds. It's bright, it's gorgeous, and the formula is spot on. It's slightly hydrating and is extremely long lasting. I'm talking about 'smushing your face in a burger and no need to touch up afterwards' long lasting. Yes, you heard that right. I literally dived into a huge triple cheese, juices dripping burger wearing this once and I did not have to top up my lipstick afterwards. There was some fading, but the colour was still strong enough for my perfectionist persona compromise to my lazy persona. Would I recommend wearing this while eating a burger though? No. There were lipstick stains all over the bun and some on the plate. It was not a pretty sight. 
Moving away from the small squad of lipsticks, the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£7.99) and Essence Lash Princess ($4.99) were both mascaras that managed to wow me upon first use. Both of them are armed with curved brushes that give astonishing results that seem to multiply the size of your lashes. The only difference is the former has a plastic brush while the latter has a bristled brush - there's also a slight price difference that's worth noticing. 

Last but not least, the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne (£42) haunted me since the first time I smelt it. The way the scent stuck in my head was frightening - I thought that I had completed my fragrance collection with a perfume for every occasion. And then I smelt this little one. I told myself I didn't need it. I managed to resist the power of it for a year. And then I caved. Fast forward four months and my heart still pounds every time I know I'm going to be using this perfume for the day. It's love. 

I have a lot of makeup products and while I love what I have and am always happy to welcome new ones into my collection, it's a rare case for me to be truly excited by beauty products anymore. However, I'm happy to know that I'm not completely dead inside and there are certain products that are still able to get my heart pounding from excitement. What are some makeup items that made you feel that way? 
With Love, 
Daphne x