[the review] nyx soft matte lipsticks - a liquid(?) lipstick i'm on awesome terms with.


I previously talked about how I'm on the fence with liquid lipsticks - they tend to make me feel like I've been let loose in an art class before I've fully developed my motor skills. I've refused to give up on this trend and I think I might have found the perfect product for people that have a tendency to look like they've overindulged in strawberry jam whenever they use a liquid lipstick. 

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams aren't anything new, but I never had the chance to try them out until a couple months ago. I wasn't sold on the hype, nor did I think I would end up liking the product as much as I did - cuz y'know, I don't tend to fall in love with things that make me feel inadequate. But you know that weird urge to get everything when there's a sale going on? Yeah, that happened and I bought 4 of these, all the while thinking that I probably wouldn't even like them all that much. But I'm glad I did cuz these colourfully-tubed lip products are flippin' amazing.

Let's get this out of the way first. Although I'm throwing the NYX SMLC into the whole liquid lipstick category, I'm not exactly certain that I would call them liquid lipsticks. These have more of a moussy consistency, making it less messy to apply. In fact, I thought that I had gotten an empty tube when I first opened one as there wasn't the usual 'goopy-ness' on the doe foot applicator of liquid lipsticks. But turns out, it's just the moussy texture that's making it less gloopy, and more 'toddler friendly'. 

I quite like the efficient colour-coding packaging - it makes it a lot easier to look for a certain shade and I'd be more prone to 'collect' more from the same line. But other than that, the packaging isn't really anything to write home about. It's your standard doe foot applicator and works really well with the moussey texture of the product. One layer is all it takes to get an opaque lip shade. I need to double dip to entirely fill my lips, but it's an easy process that I can finish in the same amount of time I use for a traditional lipstick. These products smell quite strongly of tiramisu - I'm not fond of it and have to hold the open tube away from smelling vicinity. But I have a male friend that adores the smell - to the point where he would ask me for the product so he could sniff it like he was a junkie.  

(swatch L-R: Zurich, Cannes, Prague) 
I have the shades Zurich - a warm nude pink, Cannes - a mauve nude with a tint of brown, and Prague - a bright plum with a tint of red. I also had Antwerp - a soft coral pink, but later gifted it to a friend that wore the shade a lot better than I did. Can we take a moment to talk about the names? My favorite naming technique other than clever puns, are geographical locations. Especially if I can find a shade that somehow brings back a travel memory or something. It hasn't happened yet with these products, but maybe one day. Anywho. The shades that I have all apply evenly and smoothly, but I would make sure that there aren't any dry patches as I could imagine the product clinging to the flakey bits. They're really light on the lips, I often forget that I'm actually wearing a lip colour. I've worn it up to 8 hours with minimal fading, although it did get a bit drying towards the end. These don't transfer but can easily be rubbed off with a napkin if you want to dive into a burger (I personally don't like wearing lipstick if I'm about to perform a carnivorous act). I've heard that these don't hold up to meals, but I've worn them through sandwiches and noodles, nothing particularly oily. So in short, coffee and snacking friendly. 

I'm all about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams now and think I need more, if not all of them. I'm thinking Morocco, San Paulo and Copenhagen. There are also some new shades that released late last year in America and I have my eyes on Seoul, Paris, and Budapest. Have you tried the NYX SMLC before? If so, what are your favourite shades and which ones do you think I should get next? 
With Love, 
Daphne x

Where to Buy in Taiwan: selected Plaza Tokyos, nyxcosmetics.com.tw, or beautyjoint.com